The International 2015: Na'Vi day 1 match analysis


The 16 teams for The International 2015 are determined now as the Wildcard matches were played. China CDEC Gaming and Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix are the last two teams to join the other 14 invited teams. For the groupstage the 16 teams are divided in two groups, eight teams each. Ukraine Natus Vincere is playing in Group A where they will face International Cloud9 and MVP Phoenix on the first day of the groupstage. The reports from every Na'Vi match can be found below and will be updated as soon as one game is over so make sure to check back regularly!


Natus Vincere vs Cloud9 - Game 1 [Winner: Cloud9]


Draft for Game 1


The first game was intense and lived up to the expectations. The Slardar pick for Ukraine XBOCT was not expected but turned out to be an interesting choice. Before the creeps even spawned both teams went as five to the bottom lane and there was a big fight. Na'Vi came out on top as they got three kills and Cloud9 only got one kill in return. Many fights and a lot of ganks were going on in the first 15 minutes of the game. The "Born To Win" squad was able to secure an early 5000 networth lead, taking a few towers as well. 


First blood for Russian Federation SoNNeikO


The mid game was the time to shine for Cloud9. At the 25 minute mark there was a big fight going on at the Roshan pit. C9 didn't mess around, secured the Aegis and also a few kills to get the upper hand for the moment. Just a few minutes later the European squad won another big team fight increasing their advantage. Both teams went on farming, securing new key items for their core heroes as they prepared for the late game stage. 


At the 40 minute mark Na'Vi manages to completely wipe C9 and gain a small advantage from that. A Roshan attempt just a few minutes later was successful, boosting the confidence of the Ukrainian squad. A quick kill on  EternalEnvy enabled the "Born To Win" squad to get both racks in the mid lane. The top lane racks were destroyed as well but that came with a price as many buybacks were forced and Cloud9 fought back. In the long run C9 overpowered Na'Vi as their EE picked up a Divine Rapier to quickly finish off the remaining heroes. Once these last heroes were dead, Cloud9 quickly destroyed the throne, securing their first win.


Game 1 is over - gg wp, Cloud9!


Natus Vincere vs Cloud 9 - Game 2 [Winner: Natus Vincere]


Draft for Game 2


Our five players had a good start into game two as they got first blood again! A few second before the creeps spawn there was a fight at the top rune spot, XBOCT claimed the first kill on Gyrocopter. This agression could be found within the early game all over the map as SoNNeikO made a lot of rotations and hit crucial fissures. As a matter of fact the scoreboard showed 18 kills only eight minutes into the second game!


First blood for XBOCT on his Gyrocopter


As the first ten minutes were pretty intense, the next few minutes were a good chance to cool down as both teams were with farming for a bit. That didn't last too long though as Natus Vincere got a triple kill on top at the 15 minute mark - Earthshaker was involved again, securing his Blink Dagger with the kills! From that point on Na'Vi kept on the agression, using their advantage to push down lanes and take some towers. But there were even more team fights until the confrontation went to an epic scale 18 minutes into the game as the Ukrainian powerhouse completely wiped Cloud9! Ukraine Dendi had 18 Bloodstone charges already, SoNNeikO had his blink pretty fast and the farm was coming in for the other heroes as well. 


Four kills in the mid lane are followed by the destruction of both mid lane racks


As the clock was showing 20 minutes into the game, Na'Vi quickly killed Roshan, securing XBOCT the Aegis for his Gyrocopter. Just a few minutes after that Na'Vi just pushed in mid and quickly destroyed the Tier 3 tower and also killed four heroes from C9. With some clever movement both middle racks were gone fast but our boys were not stopping the agression as they decided to push in the bottom lane. Only 25 minutes into the game Cloud9 had to write "gg" as the "Born To Win" squad took out multiple heroes from the European squad and there was no chance for a comeback at all! Therefore Na'Vi ends the first Bo2 of TI5 with a tied up score of 1:1.


Game 2 is over - Natus Vincere ties up the score! gg, wp!


Natus Vincere vs MVP Phoenix - Game 1 [Winner: MVP Phoenix]


Draft for Game 1


The second match series for Natus Vincere started with a lot of caution. Our boys were able to secure both Bounty runes at the beginning. MVP played a good early game as they even denied the first kill, preventing the first blood in favour of Na'Vi. The Koreans even take the first blood for themselves as they put on some agression on Na'Vi! Both teams try to secure some kills with ganks, but XBOCT has something to say about that as he uses juking to prevent his own death, securing two kills at the top Tier 1 tower. Oh, the sweet TI3 memories! Both teams are relatively even in terms of gold and networth. MVP manages to get a triple kill at the 10 minute mark but the game is still even and Dire, as well as the Radiant side, decide to farm a bit to secure next important items.


15 minutes into the game Na'Vi secures two kills in the mid, but both teams are playing on the same level and trade blow for blow. So far there was no clear winner and both teams respect each other. Our boys find two quick kills at the Roshan pit and they decide to try to fight Roshan, but MVP uses a lot of buybacks, which pay off! They completely wipe their opponents, take the Aegis, take a few more kills and gain a 7k networth advantage. The top 3 networth positions were in their hand by that time as well.


A big fight happens at the Roshan pit as 30 minutes have passed. Na'Vi shows some impressive plays and managed to completely wipe their opponents! XBOCT even got a n ultra kill on his Phantom Assassin. Right after that fight the "Born to Win" suqad takes down Roshan, securing the Aegis. The mid Tier 1 and Tier 2 tower are quickly destroyed. The high ground would not fall though as MVP decided to take a stand there. They chase Na'Vi players all over the map, finding a few kills, which result in both mid racks being destroyed at the 38 minute mark. The Koreans are not done as they take one of the top racks too. Our boys got punished for too much agression and as 41 minutes are played, MVP could claim four kills and push in the bottom lane. Na'Vi had no chance for a comeback and was therefore forced to "gg" out of the game.


GG, wp, MVP!


Natus Vincere vs MVP Phoenix - Game 2 [Winner: Natus Vincere]


Draft for Game 2


Being one game down didn't hurt the moral of Natus Vincere. Each team secures a bounty rune at the beginning and both teams were trading blows and kills. Farming and ganking goes along each other in the first few minutes, but Na'Vi gains an advantage rather quickly as they lead the kill score with 5:1 barely four minutes into the game. All the lanes were going good for the "Born To Win" squad, so SoNNeikO made some rotations, getting two solo kills against MVP. The lead for our boys was slowly rising.


First blood for Dendi in the middle lane


As soon as the 12 minute mark passed, Natus Vincere had taken some Tier 1 towers, but they didn't forget their defense either. Dendi was so far ahead that he managed to get a triple kill on bottom lane, as MVP tried to take a tower. 14 minutes into the game he had a 14k networth, by the 16 minute mark he was "godlike" with his Shadow Fiend! The advantage for our boys was getting bigger and bigger, as they secured the Aegis, stole the ancient creep stack from the Koreans and took down all the Tier two towers pretty fast! From that point Na'Vi just had to play safe as they were ahead by quite a bit. 


The game should not even last half an hour, as Natus Vincere just marched down the middle lane, wiping the whole team from MVP and not stopping at all. A 30k networth lead, middle racks gone and even more agression from the Ukrainian squad was just too much for the Koreans. 23 minutes into the game they "gg" out of the game, as they found no answer to stop Na'Vi in the second game.


The throne is gone, Dendi is godlike, MVP had no chance and had to call "gg" - well played!

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