The International 2015: Na'Vi day 2 match analysis


The second day of the groupstage of The International 2015 will have some more interesting matches for Ukraine Natus Vincere as they face United States compLexity Gaming and International Team Secret. Both of those teams are well known and our five players will do their best against these opponents. Yesterday Ukraine ArtStyle, Ukraine Dendi, Ukraine XBOCT, Ukraine funn1k and Russian Federation SoNNeikO did quite okay in their first games against International Cloud9 and Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix as both or their game series went 1:1. They lost two matches but also won two. Today will be another opportunity to get some more wins. The first match starts at 18:00 CEST and will be against compLexity Gaming while the second match will start at 22:00 CEST - the opponent will be Team Secret. As yesterday there will be match reports for every match once it is over so make sure to pay this page a few visits from time to time!


Natus Vincere vs compLexity Gaming - Game 1 [Winner: compLexity Gaming]


Draft for Game 1


The Americans didn't waste any time going into the first game as they quickly secured the First Blood in the first minute of the game on the bottom lane as Artstyle was caught out of position. The dual offlane from coL seemed to pay off as Undying and Tusk were able to get something out of the lane, let it be kills, experience or even gold. However, Na'Vi bounced back as they grabbed a few kills defending their bottom Tier 1 tower five minutes into the game. Other than that there were not too many kills within the first minutes as both teams wanted to give their core heroes some much needed farm. Ocassional kills happened over the map but for the most part it was just farming.


coL tried to push the middle lane but the "Born To Win" squad didn't like that so they stopped it. With some great counter-initiation they managed to find three kills, two kills going the way of Dendi. funn1k has shown some great initiation on the Earthshaker with a nice fissure and echo slam. The first tower from the Americans was destroyed once 17 minutes passed into the game. Another quick smoke kill ensured Na'Vi a small but nice lead to continue the game. From that point on our boys decide to change the pace of the game as they secure the Aegis for XBOCT and push into the bottom lane. The Tier 2 tower is gone rather quickly, but Natus Vincere was not done yet as they kept pushing. funn1k found two quick kills around the mid Tier 3 tower while the rest of his team was pushing in at bottom lane, destroying the Tier 3 tower there. coL didn't give up though and with a few buybacks they held their high ground securing their racks, bringing down a few Na'Vi players. 25 minutes into the game XBOCT takes the Tier 2 middle tower and his team wanted to use that advantage. Therefore they tried to push in the bottom lane again, but the Americans were ready for it! They held their ground again securing three kills with the help of a nice song initiation from the Naga Siren. 


The boys from Natus Vincere secured another Roshan kill and tried to push in again, as they found three kills. However, coL held high ground and stopped the agression. From that point on the game went downhill for Na'Vi as the Naga Siren was getting more and more farm. Both teams managed to get some racks, but in the long term the Naga Siren overpowered the Ukrainian squad. As the game hit the 60 minute mark, compLexity decided to push in, they kill a few heroes, destroy the bottom racks and continue the agression. Several buybacks from Natus Vincere could not stop coL and as soon as the "mega creeps" were spawning, our boys had to call "gg".


The tides turn and coL wins the first long game, gg wp!


Natus Vincere vs compLexity Gaming - Game 2 [Winner: compLexity Gaming]


In game 2 Na'Vi starts on the Dire side of the map


The draft was already promising a lot of agression and ganks as both teams went for heroes who can gank pretty good. Once again the Americans from compLexity got the better start as their dual offlane/agressive trilane pays off as they got two quick and clean kills on XBOCT and ArtStyle. Na'Vi didn't have many chances in the first five minutes but SoNNeikO managed to get a kill on the courier which was at least something. coL didn't even think of slowing down the pace as they kept ganking and their Juggernaut, Spirit Breaker and Winter Wyvern combination started to pay off. By the seven minute mark the Americans were ahead 5:0 in terms of kills. Finally a nice gank from Dendi paid off as it helped to secure the first kill for Natus Vincere. funn1k got the kill but had a tough game overall. The mid and top Tier 1 towers from our boys were gone only ten minutes into the second game. 


compLexity kept forcing fights, secured kills, towers and kept improving their comfortable lead. A quick Roshan kill gives the Americans the Aegis, giving them even more power and security to push. Shortly after that they decide to push and even manage to wipe the whole Na'Vi team. Just a few minutes later they decide to push high ground on the bottom lane, which got them four kills and ArtStyle even died again after buying back. There was no overcomitment from coL though as they decided to pull back and take their time as they had nothing to lose. 26 minutes into the game they took another Aegis from Roshan and they even managed to kill Dendi as he tried to steal the Aegis. The following push could hardly be stopped by Na'Vi, the bottom and mid melee racks were destroyed quickly to the high damage output from the Americans. They didn't mess around and waste any more time as they kept pushing and pushing. Not even 30 minutes into the game the kill score already was 33:11 in favour of coL as they simply outplayed the Ukrainin squad at that point. The final push came in on top lane as they outmoved Natus Vincere. A few kills and the racks gone marked the end of Na'Vi and forced them to "gg" out of the second game.


The second game doesn't last long as coL overpowers Na'Vi and force the 30 minute "gg". GG wp!


Natus Vincere vs Team Secret - Game 1 [Winner: Team Secret]


Draft for Game 1


Natus Vincere picked an agressive lineup and the game saw a lot of action. Before the creeps spawned, Na'Vi smokes up, goes to the bottom rune and finds Arteezy to draw First Blood! Another kill was secured as SoNNeikO teleported to the middle lane. Puppey and s4 tried to kill Dendi but instead Puppey was killed and Dendi walked away with a few health points. The agression continued throughout the early game, but Arteezy managed to recover very good, which should be a problem for our boys later on.


24 minutes into the game, Na'Vi had lost four towers while Secret only lost two of their towers. However, our boys were leading in terms of skill score with 15:7. A few minutes later the Natus Vincere players tried to set up a gank but Team Secret countered it perfectly, getting four kills, being able to push in the middle and top lane. As the 28 minute mark passed the European squad took down the Tier 2 tower mid and gout out safely as KuroKy used the Naga song. Those fights, the losses for our boys and the destruction of the tower quickly turned out to be the end for the Na'Vi players in the first game.


As more than 30 minutes passed, Secret decided to take down the bottom Tier 2 tower. They win a fight before, push in the lane, and destroy the last tower from Na'Vi outside their base. The European squad has a big advantage as Arteezy's networth is almost twice as high as XBOCT's or Dendi's. Team Secret was not afraid and initiated another big fights, getting four kills, which enables the European squad to push in the bottom lane and take down the Tier 3 tower as well as the bottom melee racks. They were not overcomitting though as they pulled back and farmed up some more. Our boys were out of options so they tried to take down Roshan to get the Aegis. The Aegis went to Natus Vincere but it still didn't matter. Despite the fact that Dendi carried the Aegis, Team Secret chose to fight and they easily won the fight, completely wiping Na'Vi. There was no chance of winning this game anymore so our players had to type "gg".


Secret overpowers Na'Vi and takes the first game. GG, wp!


Natus Vincere vs Team Secret - Game 2  [Winner: Team Secret]


Draft for Game 2


A spectacular First Blood started off game 2 as funn1k was trying to use Iccarus dive to get the rune but that didn't happen. Once he got back to his position where he started to dive zai's ice shards hit him and two people started to chase Na'Vi's offlaner. After some more casts and jukes they were successful and Team Secret took the first blood in the second game. The European squad got another kill as they caught the Natus Vincere captain ArtStyle off guard in the jungle. However, the lanes were going good in favour of our boys as the agressive trilane top was paying off. Arteezy didn't get a lot of farm and Team Secret had to switch things up. Both teams were playing pretty cautious and rotations happened quite a lot. Five minutes into the game Na'Vi was able to get the first kill. There was not much else happening, three kills and no towers destroyed pretty much give away what happened in the first ten minutes of the second game.


The top Tier 1 tower from Team Secret was destroyed as 14 minutes in game two had passed as Na'Vi took a few kills before and followed it up by destroying that one tower. Two minutes later Team Secret found a kill and destroyed Na'Vi's Tier 1 tower bottom in return. The game starts to heat up as more fights happened all over the place. This time the European squad wasn't as dominating as in game one and Natus Vincere was playing with more confidence, even being ahead at some points of the game. Our boys took down another tower and managed to deny one of their own towers. So far things had been going pretty good but a force was rising: Arteezy found his way back into the game and had a pretty good time farming and you don't want to have Anti Mage with a lot of farm as an opponent ...


As the game was progressing, Team Secret decided to man up and put some pressure on our players. A destroyed Tier 1 mid tower and a few kills for them were the result of the more agressive playstyle. A smoke gank from Na'Vi failed and Secret took total advantage of that, giving Arteezy even more. By the 30 minute mark he was "wicked sick" already, had more than 600 GPM and hasn't died once. Although this seems like pretty much game over, Natus Vincere still managed to get a few kills, at the bottom rune and a smoke even got our boys four kills but the most important target, Arteezy, still survived. However, that didn't throw back Secret but rather encouraged them to finish the game. A smoke gank from the European squad brought them three kills and the Tier 3 tower gone in the middle lane. Both teams played very carefully then but Arteezy caught ArtStyle off guard, opening things up for his team mates. Apparently Team Secret kept their coolness though and with some nice initiations they managed to kill four people from Na'Vi. The middle racks and bottom racks were destroyed within minutes and Team Secret still didn't fall back. Buybacks from our boys were forced but that didn't help either as the last Tier 3 tower on top was gone as well. Natus Vincere took their last chance and tried to chase Team Secret, hoping to catch someone, but the opponents kited our boys, getting kill after kill until the Na'Vi players had to type "gg" and accept their 0:2 defeat.


Time to analyze the second game after Na'Vi had to type "gg".

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