TI 2015: Na'Vi day 3 match analysis


The first two days of the groupstage is over with only two more days to go. There were a lot of spectacular matches and some unexpected results although most of the favourites won most of their games and have good standings in their respective groups. Ukraine Natus Vincere scored two draws on the first day against International Cloud9 and Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix but unfortunately lost both games on day two against United States compLexity Gaming and International Team Secret. The matches today and the match tomorrow are the last chances for our players to improve their standing in group A (current placement for Na'Vi is rank 7 [tied up with MVP Phoenix]) to start the main event in the upper bracket and not the lower bracket where the first matches will be bo1 and elimimation could end the run at The International 2015 before the event really started. Today's matches will be against Malaysia fnatic at 18:00 CEST and China LGD Gaming at 20:00 CEST. The match reports will be updated as a match ends so check back regularly if you want to read what happened in the games!


Natus Vincere vs fnatic - Game 1 [Winner: Natus Vincere]


Draft for game 1


The first  game was a bit unusual as the viewers were able to see dual offlanes and dual mid lanes at the beginning. Both teams had a solid draft but it was up to Dendi and his mates to put on some agression to the Malaysian boys as they had the better teamfight potential. There was not a whole lot which happened in the first five minutes as both teams slowly found their way into the game. However, fnatic was able to shut down XBOCT's farm and chase him off into the jungle and they also managed to grab First blood. No team was a clear favourite at that point of the game although funn1k and Dendi had very good games on their respective lanes, getting a good amount of farm. Only ten minutes into the game Dendi had seven kills already as he got an ultra kill a few seconds before, finding opponents to kill everywhere on the map. This should only be the start of the gala from our smiling and charismatic mid player. 


From that point on Na'Vi had the lead being on top of their game every minute of this first game. The Malaysian squad tried a few smoke ganks but failed most times and our boys always managed to find three or four kills every time. 26 minutes into the game most Tier 1 and 2 towers were gone but the match was not yet decided due to the different lineups both teams drafted. There was a lot of action all over the map but it was clear that ArtStyle and his mates had a significant lead. However, they were not going to throw it away as they proceeded cautiously. As the game hit the 30 minute mark our players decided to push in bottom lane, take a Tier 1 and get a few more kills out of that.


One of the many fights throughout the whole game


Another fight around the Roshan pit secures Natus Vincere even more kills, Mushi was forced to buy back and still dies again. Both teams farm up after that but again our boys were pushing things forward as they took another tower in the middle lane. As 40 minutes passed in the game Dendi was able to catch the opponent's Gyrocopter off guard which opened up a window to push in top. With a lot of health point and mana regeneration there was no way for fnatic to stop the push top lane, even buying back didn't pay off as the top lane of racks was destroyed quickly. The attempt to kill Roshan two minutes later by Mushi and company was crushed by Dendi and his brave team mates as they killed a few heroes and even got the Aegis for themselves! That marked the end of the Malaysian squad as Na'Vi was way too farmed, just pushed in mid, completely wiped the team from Malaysia and forced them to "gg" out of the game.


A teamwipe ends the first game as fnatic has to call "gg" .


Natus Vincere vs fnatic - Game 2 [Winner: fnatic]


Draft for game 2


The game starts in favour of fnatic as they grabbed the First Blood once again. The next few minutes are packed with action as both teams are not afraid to fight with the Malaysian squad coming out on top in terms of trading kills. Our boys were not out of the game though as Dendi and his mates kill a few of the opponent's support heroes to get back into the game. 23 minutes into the game our Ukrainian players take the lead in terms of kills and slowly find their way back into the game. The Support Naga Siren from SoNNeikO was more like a core Naga as he farmed up Radiance rather quick to get even more farm. fnatic didn't waste a lot of time as some nice clutch kills brought them back into the game, maybe even giving them a slight lead at that point of the game. A nice combination from funn1k, Dendi and SoNNeikO secures an important kill on the Storm Spirit of the opponents. Fights happened all over the map and the game was anyone's to take. The next few minutes went to the Malaysians as they take the Aegis from Roshan and grab more kills as they found Na'Vi players and caught them off guard. Despite finding a good kill, smart buybacks from Mushi and his mates secure four kills and a big advantage to push out the lanes as the Radiance Naga Siren was pushing all lanes at that point of the game.


Na'Vi wipes the whole fnatic team


Our boys didn't give up as they looked for oppoortunities to bounce back into the game. An attempt of breaking highground by the Malaysians was crushed by our players as they held the high ground and even chased the enemies off to get a lead. They had to buy back on a few heroes but got a team wipe as a result. Therefore the buybacks clearly paid off! Na'Vi tried to fight their way back into the game but it was really hard because the opponents were showing their absolute best. Mushi was caught off guard one time but beside that kill there was not too much going on as both teams were playing careful respecting each other. At one point our five players just risked it and tried to kill Roshan. The opponents were ready for that and after some time they were able to kill a few players, securing the Aegis and the Cheese. Those were the items fnatic was waiting for. They pushed in at the top lane, got the racks and overran Na'Vi. Even buybacks didn't help so our boys had to call "gg" as the game was over.


fnatic ties the series up to 1:1.


Natus Vincere vs LGD Gaming - Game 1 [Winner: LGD Gaming]


Draft for game 1


A new match series always gives new chances and the first game already delivered a lot of ganks and kills. Dual mid lanes, two players on the bottom lane for each team and only one player on the top lane was a bit unusual but it should change as a lot of rotations happened. The Chinese players quickly grabbed First Blood on bottom lane, while SoNNeikO got a revenge kill. After a few kills for each team and some more farming the viewers were able to see a typical game from LGD Gaming. They quickly grouped up and put non-stop agression on Na'Vi. The game is still not decided and both teams get some kills but as xiao8 and his mates smoke up and get two kills they get the Aegis as a result as well which only meant more agression. 


It was hard to see any big changes within the next minutes as both teams carried on doing what they did before. The Chinese players were always on the hunt, looking for good relocates and quick kills. Our players were playing careful, moving around as a team, not finding much farm as a consequence. As 29 minutes were played LGD grab another Aegis and start pushing high ground then. As they were marching in top lane they destroyed the Tier 3 tower and the melee racks. After that they simply fall back and keep building up their advantage. A few minutes later Maybe's Tiny was knocking on the door of the bottom Tier 3 tower but Na'Vi held high ground that time and after some kiting the Chinese players decide to fall back. Our boys tried to chase and find some kills but were unable to do so.


The last fight at the Roshan pit before the game ended


As the game was going on for 40 minutes, both teams were playing careful but LGD was looking to be more active as they decided to head into the Roshan pit once again. That didn't go unnoticed and Na'Vi smoked up, trying to fight after their opponents already picked up the Aegis. That didn't go well and four team members from the "Born To Win" squad died which opened the doors for the Chinese players. They quickly took down the bottom Tier 3 tower and the racks. As they turn to the middle lane to get mega creeps even buying back some heroes doesn't pay off for Dendi and his mates. As that last fight was nearly over, our boys had to call "gg".


LGD takes the first game and gives people a lot to discuss


Natus Vincere vs LGD Gaming - Game 2 [Winner: LGD Gaming]


Draft for game 2


A lot more farming and smart moves dictated the pace of the second game. Both teams didn't move around as much to gank and farming had a higher priority. Two minutes into the game SoNNeikO rotates mid to kill Sylar but due to clever movement he survives and even managed to kill Dendi with his wolves. This first impression should be characteristic for the rest of the game. Just as ten minutes passed LGD Gaming successfully smoke ganked XBOCT but after that both teams exchanged kills so Na'Vi was not out yet. The top Tier 1 tower from our boys was destroyed two minutes later and the Chinese team found some more kills. However, ArtStyle and his team found some kills in return a little bit later. LGD Gaming take the top Tier 2 tower from their opponents while our boys got the Tier 1 tower in mid, so a better trade for the Chinese team. However, the kill score of 8:6 in favour of xiao8 and his mates pretty much describes the game in the first twenty minutes as both teams were playing careful, rather going for towers than for kills.


As the game progressed Na'Vi could take a big win as they got three kills and their opponents had to fall back. When the heroes respawned the Chinese team tried to pressure the bottom lane tower but our players could at least stop that push and deny their own tower. More kills went to Sylar and his team mates as they got two kills at the secret shop on the Natus Vincere site of the map. At the 24 minute mark LGD Gaming takes Roshan down, claiming the Aegis. With some smart movements BKB and the ultimate from XBOCT were baited which enabled the well experienced Chinese team to take down the tower in the middle lane. With some smart wolve scouting Maybe finds some more kills on his Storm Spirit, more from our players die and the map opened up. Barely half an hour into the game all towers from our players outside the base were gone.


The final push and team wipe by LGD Gaming


The spirit from our players seemed to be broken as the Chinese team overpowered them. Shortly after the last Tier 2 tower was gone Maybe and the rest of his team picked off our boys one by one, completely wiping the "Born To Win" squad, forcing them to "gg" out of the game at only 31 minutes into the second game.


Second game ends after 31 minutes with a "gg" from Na'Vi

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