TI 2015: Na'Vi day 4 match analysis


The second stage of The International 2015, after the WildCard matches, is about to come to an end as the groupstage will be over after today's matches. The best teams of each group will start in the upper bracket of the main event while the other teams will start in the lower bracket where some teams will be eliminated in the first round as the mode for those matches will be bo1. Although these first matches in the groupstage didn't eliminate anyone there were a lot of surprises and some upsets as some of the favourites clearly struggled and some "underdogs" clearly shined. 


Ukraine Natus Vincere has not much left to do in the groupstage as there will be only one match today against China Invictus Gaming. As Ukraine ArtStyle, Ukraine Dendi, Ukraine XBOCT, Ukraine funn1k and Russian Federation SoNNeikO scored three draws (against International Cloud9, Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix and Liberia fnatic) and three losses (against United States compLexity Gaming, International Team Secret and China LGD Gaming) in their first six matches, they will definitely start the main event in the lower bracket even if they would win against iG later today. However, our boys will try to do their best today at 20:00 CEST when the match against the Chinese star team is scheduled to start. This match report will be updated after each game.


Natus Vincere vs Invictus Gaming - Game 1 [Winner: Invictus Gaming]


Draft for game 1


A lot of farming and not much action could be witnessed within the first minutes of the first game between Invictus Gaming and Natus Vincere. Both teams wanted to farm up their cores but rotations from the Chinese star team made that nearly impossible for our players. Three minutes into the game ChuaN and his team mates got First Blood and just a few minutes later they find even more kills establishing a comfortable lead. Ferrari_430 and his team mates found even more kills and their opponents didn't even find much. The first few minutes hurt the morale of our boys as Faith survived a gank attempt even killing ArtStyle's Crystal Maiden. Therefore the first ten minutes were clearly favouring iG as they found kills, towers and a lot of control on the whole map.


Another three for one trade in the middle lane was an invitation for the Chinese players to take down Roshan and claim the Aegis. A 7,5k networth lead proved their dominance. With the scouting from the Bounty Hunter Ferrari_430 was able to find a lot of track gold kills which gave iG even more gold. Natus Vincere found some kills but they were stuck at their base only 25 minutes into the game as the Chinese team had established map dominance. A Tier 2 tower exchange a few minutes earlier was the last success our boys were supposed to get. The star mid player from iG had a godlike streak, which should never end in game 1.


One of the final pushes from iG


As ChuaN and his team mates claimed another Aegis the end was near for our boys. Only a few minutes after picking up the Aegis, the Chinese team pushed in top lane, got a few kills and started to destroy buildings. The Na'Vi players tried to buy back and somehow stop the push but the farmed Broodmother and the "godlike" Storm Spirit were strong and simply overpowered them. As there was no way of coming back, our boys had to "gg" and leave the game. 


Game 1 is over quickly as iG overran Na'Vi.


Natus Vincere vs Invictus Gaming - Game 2 [Winner: Invictus Gaming]


Draft for game 2


A first blood for Natus Vincere and an even game could be witnessed at the beginning of the second game. XBOCT managed to get the first kill on Undying to get some extra gold into his pockets. Ferrari_430 and Dendi killed each other in mid barely two minutes into the game - one of many scenes which showcased that both teams were head-to-head and no team had an advantage. The next few minutes pass by relatively quiet and the kill score was 4:4 by eight minutes into the game so the priority was farming at that stage of the game. There was no favourite and the game could have gone in favour of our boys or in favour of the Chinese star team.


As the 11 minute mark passed by iG took down their first Tier 1 tower. There are more fights now as the game progresses and both kills grab teams but the Chinese team with their "emotional leader" ChuaN took more towers and played for objectives. Just before 20 minutes were played all Tier 1 towers from Na'Vi were gone. As the game went to mid game or early late game it was BurNing's time to shine as he roamed around, got a few kills and created some space for his team mates. However, Dendi found some nice solo kills on ChuaN with his Queen of Pain. As the "Born To Win" squad was confident to push mid, Invictus Gaming was ready and they held their ground. They defended their tower and even found some kills. That opened up an opportunity to kill Roshan. As they were into the Roshan pit, our boys tried to contest it but they had to play careful so the Aegis went into the hands of the Chinese team.


The Natus Vincere players had to play very careful now, but Dendi managed to find another kill on ChuaN. Just moments after that kill iG found Dendi which gave them an opportunity to push the high ground. With some clever movement and another kill BurNing and his team mates slowly destroyed the Tier 3 tower and one of the racks in the middle lane. From that point on the Chinese team just played the game clever to the end. They faked their retreat and XBOCT left the base. Ferrari_430 and his team were quick to kill him and force a buyback out of XBOCT as they were pushing high ground again. Even with XBOCT, ArtStyle and the rest of the team couldn't stop the Chinese team, as they grabbed two more kills and destroyed the other racks in the middle lane. As they were marching on to the bottom lane to destroy the next set of racks, Na'Vi could only "gg" out of the game and accept their defeat in the second game. GG, wp!


iG played smart and managed to win again at the 30 minute mark.

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