Immortal Treasure II review


Two weeks have passed since The International Compendium 2015 goal, namely the Treasure with Immortal items, has been achieved. This night a long waited update has been issued, which added these items to Dota 2 game client. Let's see what is waiting for us inside!


Upon entering the game, you'll see a banner announcing that new items are now available. Ok, let's study them!



The first item in the treasure is a set of The Basher Blades for the main rival of all the mages of the game —  Anti-Mage. Both blades are stylized for the ingame artifact —  Skull Basher, which is considered one of the main artifacts for this hero in the last stage of the game. The item has a changed animation of two abilities of the hero —   Mana Break and  Mana Void and bash effect.



The second Immortal-item is Jewel of Aeons for a popular carry hero —  Faceless Void, the model of which was recently changed.  The item has only one ability —  Time Walk. In which games in your opinion there will be most "golden cupola"?



The next hero is support  Disruptor, who can silence the whole rival's team with one single spell. He's got the so-called Resistive Pinfold, which is mounted on the back and changes hero's ability —  Kinetic Field.  It's worth mentioning, that the item looks pretty similar to the item, which is located in the back of —  Oracle. 



The developers hasn't provided any new sword to the knight  Sven, though he has plenty of those. Anyway, you have a chance to get a good item from the treasure for him. Vigil Signet changes animation of  Warcry, not only adding extra figures to the defense of the hero, but also enabling to hit the enemy with this Shield.



An item was also provided to  Leshrac, who gained opportunity to use the Staff apart from his hands. The Staff changes the animation ofthe hits and   Split Earth ability.



The chest's last item, which is not rare, is Rollermawster for  Tinker. The ability  March of the Machines, enabling the hero to farm all the map in game, has undergone changes.



One of the two Immortal rare items was Arms of Desolation for one of the most favorite midders of all the players —  Shadow Fiend. Happy owners of the item will obtain changed animation of the hero's attack. The prototype of this item was the ingame artifact  Desolator.



Similar to Immortal Treasure I, the golden version of the ordinary item became the second rare item. Golden Basher Blades for  Anti-Mage has similar effects of the abilities, but their color is gold.



As per moment the page with the items of The International Compendium 2015 looks like this:



The achievement of the next goal — Immortal Treasure III is near. So we will most likely see more new items of Immortal quality.



For those who wish to see all the new effects and animations, we offer to watch the video guide of the new chest made by NoobFromUA.



Summing up, we'd like to ask our readers: are you satisfied with the new items? Were your expectations met?  Which heroes lack items of Immortal quality?

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