Immortal Treasure III review


Tedious waiting is finally over for The International Compendium 2015 owners! A recent update added a third Immortal Treasure to the game. Did the treasure come up to expectations? Let's find out!



Dota 2 greets us with a notification about this new and final chest with Immortals. So, let's have a look.



First up is Colossal Crystal Chorus, a crystal-like backpack for  Meepo. Equipping it will change  Poof animation together with its sound effect, which is different for each Meepo clone. 


Dota 2 - Colossal Crystal Chorus - Meepo




 Gyrocopter is the second hero to get an Immortal out of the chest. Valve has created new cannons for him, called Atomic Ray Thrusters. They alter animation and sound effect of  Rocket Barrage. Honestly speaking, this thing makes Gyro look more of a spaceship instead of helicopter, though, some of you may find these looks better than the original.


Dota 2 - Atomic Ray Thrusters - Gyrocopter


Witch Doctor


One of the strongest supports,  Witch Doctor, now has a pet! It is a monkey by the name of Bonkers the Mad, which is sitting on a palm tree. This is probably one of the most original and peculiar Immortals of the treasure. Apart from changing  Paralyzing Cask animation (monkey throws a coconut), notice a very cute death animation. Such animation makes it noble to die for the Doctor.


Dota 2 - Bonkers the Mad - Witch Doctor




One of the most complex heroes,  Invoker, has received a Magus Apex hairstyle, which makes him look like Son Goku from Dragon Ball. Authors made this connection even more apparent, adding a famous "over 9000" phrase from the anime to the item's description.


This new item changes an appearence of Quas, Wex and Exort spheres, as well as Sunstrike animation. A reference to the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings trilogy seems to be obvious.




Dota 2 - Magus Apex - Invoker


Templar Assassin


There is an opinion that Focal Resonance was intended to come out in two variations: common one and gold one. After all, these  Templar Assassin weapons have a golden tint, without being a rare drop. Still, there's no point in guessing, so let's just note that these blades change  Meld and  Psi Blades animations, colouring them in gold.


Dota 2 - Focal Resonance - Templar Assassin


Nature`s Prophet


A new Sufferwood Sapling staff for  Nature's Prophet seems to be pretty ambiguous. First of all, it is quite dark. Moreover, there is a dead rat tied to the staff, though it might be an Sweden AdmirallBulldog reference. Nevertheless, this item seems to be matching  Warlock much better. It changes animations of   Teleportation and  Wraith of Nature.


Dota 2 - Sufferwood Sapling - Nature's Prophet




Another item is for a mighty hardlaner,  BristlebackPiston Impaler is a back piece, which introduces new sound and animation of  Quill Spray ability.


Dota 2 - Piston Impaler - Bristleback




An Immortal for  Zeus was known to be coming thanks to a bug on the site. However, no one knew what to expect from it. And Valve didn't disappoint. Zeus now looks like his himself from  Disney universe or from Age of Mythology RTS. He is holding a lightning in his hand, just like he should be. Apart from  Thunder Bolt, this thing changes lots of other animation. Unfortunately, it has a very rare drop chance.


Dota 2 - Righteous Thunderbolt - Zeus




Similarly to previous treasures, there is an extremely rare golden item in this one. It is Golden Atomic Ray Thrusters cannons for  Gyrocopter. It changes  Rocket Barrage animation and makes the spell's icon look goldish.


Dota 2 - Golden Atomic Ray Thrusters - Golden Gyro Immortal



This is how a Compendium page with all the immortals looks like at the moment. Which one of you has gathered all of them?



The update also adds two new styles to Almond the Frondillo courier. Red version is obtainable at 125 level of The International Compendium 2015, while the golden one is an extremely rare drop from Immortal Treasure III.


Zeus or Queen of Pain? You choose!


And don't forget to take part in the final vote for the new Arcana. Your vote might be decisive.


To conclude we would like to ask our readers whether you liked this final treasure in particular and all the Immortal items in general? Share you opinion in the comment section below. 

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