The International 2015: Main event predictions


The International 2015 is underway in full force. With the completion of the groupstage, top seeded teams have chosen their competition and the brackets are set for the first matchups. Here are the following predictions for those matches, starting with the upper bracket:

International Team Secret is the favored team to be in the Grand Final, so it is expected that they will take the games 2-0 against China EHOME, sending EHOME into the lower bracket. However, as EHOME showed during the group stages, they are not to be underestimated, when they took two games from Russian Federation, who are a strong contender for top six in their own right. Team Secret had a few losses during group stages, but we still expect them to take this series 2-1.

China LGD Gaming is the favored team against Russian Federation Team Empire. Empire had a lot of promise going into the group stages, but unfortunately haven’t seem to find the consistency that they were showing in the Esportal Finals, where they finished second behind regional rival LGD is exceptionally strong. After proving their worth in the wildcard matches, they destroyed their rivals throughout the group stages, finishing first in their group. We expect LGD to win this game 2-0.

The match that is difficult to predict is United States Evil Geniuses vs United States compLexity Gaming. This is an extremely even match up. The evidence being that compLexity seemed to completely surprise their opponents during the group stages. It seems like they have a very firm understanding of teamwork and are extremely consistent. This consistency is also matched by EG. Both of these teams finished high in the group stages, with EG having one win more than compLexity. If history serves, this should be EGs win 2-1, but the matches will be extremely close nail-biters.

China CDEC vs International Cloud9 should also prove to be a close match, as C9 seemed to have regained their confidence and composure after their earlier defeats from the group stages. They finished strong, and hopefully should carry this momentum into this match if they want to win. CDEC also finished strong as well with an impressive win over LGD, but regardless of that, this match should still go to 2-0 with Cloud9 being the winner.

Now let’s talk about the bracket with the most suspenseful first round games; the lower bracket. Ironically, some of the previous International winners are in the lower bracket: China Newbee, Ukraine Natus Vincere, and China Invictus Gaming.

Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix vs Newbee should be an entertaining game to watch. Newbee fought through lower bracket last year, and could possibly do it again this year, even though the meta has severely changed. MVPP have shown they aren’t leaving the tournament without a fight, and even beat previous International winners iG 2-0 during the group stages. We predict this fight to go in favor of MVP Phoenix with a score of 1-0.

iG vs Korea, Republic of MVP Hot6 is a difficult match to predict. Both teams didn’t necessarily show any consistency during the group stages, and surprisingly MVP Hot6 didn’t win a single game when they were on the Radiant side of the map. iG on the other hand, have won games on both sides of the map during group stages, so with that simple fact being oddly glaring, this prediction will be 1-0 in iG’s favor. vs Malaysia fnatic will be an extremely exciting game. Malaysia Mushi vs Russian Federation God in the mid lane. Both of these players will likely be the anchors for their respective teams, and if consistency is a standard of judging this game, VP will have the tools necessary to win. Russian Federation Illidan has been one of the most improved hard carry players this year, and God has been extremely consistent with his mid-lane dominance. We predict this win to go to


China Vici Gaming vs Natus Vincere. Our boys will be fighting for their place in the International. This game is going to come down to how well Russian Federation SoNNeikO can play compared to International veteran iceiceice. Expect to see a lot of competing high quality plays from both players as they toss the rest of the team on their backs. Ukraine Dendi, as expected, should do very well against China Super in the midlane, as in the past he generally has performed better when comparing their individual stats. However, as with all teams, this is going to come down to which team can focus the most and stay motivated. This will be a nail biter as well, but we are going to unbiasly give the win to Na’Vi 1-0.


That’s it for the predictions. The lower bracket is definitely going to be the most excited considering it is a best-of-one format for the first round of games.


(Author credits: Tyler)

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