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No one has any doubts that e-sports is constantly growing. However the rate at which it is growing, is still surprising for lots of people and players alike. Today, the prize fund for The International has reached $10 million. This day will, no doubt, go into history of e-sports. With this post, we’ve decided to remind you of the event which will happen in less than a month.


When you think about it, it is very hard to fit all games of The International into a small timeframe. For Dota 2 fans, this tournament lasts for a whole year. It decides on the gaming season, the rosters, it makes and breaks teams. We will try and shed some light on the TI4.


 Lots of things changed this year at The International: the place, number of teams, the prize fund, and even the tournament format. The first stage has already passed: from12 to 27 May, many teams from all over the world participated in qualifiers for the main tournament of the year.





4 teams taking the first place in regional qualifiers, will join 11 lucky organisations, who received a direct invite into the tournament. But those, who are close behind, also got a chance to go to Seattle to fight for the last slot on the tournament. Therefore, this year at The International, a total of 19 teams will participate. From 8 to 14 July, during play-off stage, we will find out which 8 teams will advance to the main part of the tournament.


Wild Card Tournament will take place on 8 July, in which 4 teams who got a second place in regional qualifiers, will fight for the last slot and for the title of World Champion. All matches will take place as a bo3 format.




Second stage will be from 9 to 12 July. In 4 days, 16 best teams from around the world will play at least 120 games. One large group will be made from all teams, where each team will play every other team. 2 best teams will get the coveted places in the upper bracket. The following 8 teams will be able to advance to a third play-off round. The rest 6 teams will leave the tournament with no prize.


Third play-off stage will have 2 separate brackets, with 4 teams in each bracket. They will be formed based on the previous stage. The teams which lost in the first round, will leave the tournament. The teams which lost in the second stage of the tournament will be moved to losers bracket. The teams that won in their bracket will go to the winners bracket.


From 18 to 21 July, the best of the best will gather at Keyarena, to find out who will take the Aegis this year. All games will be in bo3, and the Grand Final will be in bo5 format.





Show your support to Natus Vincere in the most important tournament of the e-sports so far. Our team needs you more than ever!


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