Tl 2015 prize pool has reached 10 millions!


The European qualifiers for The International 2015 main event were truly intense. Those who managed to follow not only the games, but also the prize pool change, would notice that the 10 million mark has finally been reached, even though there still remain more than 40 days for the prize pool to increase!

It took less than a month for the prize pool to grow 525% compared to a starting sum of $ 1,600,000. Valve’s main goal mark was set at 15 million. If we compare this year to a previous one, TI5 would be 1 million ahead at the moment. We remind you that last year TI4 offered players a total of $10,9 million. If the growth trend for the current prize pool stays the same, we will be looking at about 12-13 million for this year’s tournament. It is worth mentioning that last year’s grand finals winner received a little above $5 million.   

Comparison plot of TI 2015 and TI 2014: last year’s prize pool is 1 million behind


In a nutshell:


  • The International 2015 current prize pool is $10 000 000.
  • The International 2014 prize pool stopped at $10 931 105 mark.
  • Main goal of this year is to reach $15 000 000.


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