TI 2015: The reasons of prize pool increase


Yesterday a new goal was reached: the prize pool of The International 2015 is over $ 12 000 000 now. This sum exceeds the final prize pool of the previous TI by as much as $ 1 000 000, and we're still 2 months away from the event. There's no doubt, the prize pool will be really big this year.


But how could it reach such great sum? Surely the popularity of the game is constantly growing, with more new grand tournaments and professional teams. These factors impart the total quantity of Dota 2 players. Most of them are ready to invest money in their favorite game. The purchase of interactive compendium is no special thing any more. Many gamers take it for must-buy. Everyone has its own goals: somebody wants to get unique Immortal items, while others are keen on the thought they've sponsored the biggest tournament of the year.

Every year Valve invent more solutions to enlarge the prize pool. Let's recall the first compendium issued in 2013.



Here it is - the very first book made in dark green colour. That was the colour of The International 2013. This was a truly interactive guide on a grandiose tournament. It provided much data. The first part covered the venue and the date of the event, and the participating teams. Apart from that the owners of compendium were offered to make predictions on the results of the qualifiers and matches of the main stage. This part hasn't changed over the years.

The ingame bonuses have changed. The owners of the very first compendiums were offered to collect the cards of the players participating in The International. They appeared (with some chance) after the ladder matches. The full set of the cards of one team and the full collection of all the cards were rewarded, enabling the owner to unlock the new skins for Smeevil courier.



Everyone could choose the skin upon his wish


Collecting cards and exchanging them with friends was very exciting. The bonus skins of the courier looked great at the time, but soon the gamers got tired of Smeevil.

You can compare the compendiums for a long time, but let us focus on the aspects which fostered the quick growth of The International 2015 prize pool. Surely we speak of the Immortal items. The first items of such kind were introduced in the compendium 2013 года. After reaching $ 2 600 000, all the owners of the compendiums acquired The Immortal Reliquary.


The Immortal Reliquary shining mysterious green light


There were no levels of Compendium at the time. The owner of the compendium could receive only one Immortal item. The community evaluated differently the items of the Reliquary, though they had the same cost in accordance to the initial design of the developers. However, the gamers considered, for instance, Leviathan Whale Blade for Kunkka Kunkka to be far more valuable than Cauldron of Xahryx for Lone Druid Lone Druid.


26 June, on the very first day of the update everyone where asking each other about the items they got from the Reliquary and tried to arrange the exchange of the items. Those who wanted more immortals went to Steam shop. There were a lot of people wishing to buy and to sell the new items. The items acquired in such a way didn't increase the prize pool, and that was the only thing Valve didn't envisaged. 

As a result almost none of the players bought more than 1 compendium. And since many people were rather sceptical about the book, the prize pool of The International 2013 didn't reach the desired sum of — $ 3 200 000



Compendium of 2014 was an intermediary, Valve understood, in what way they should develop it. This time there were far more Immortal items. Four treasures were provided instead of one. However, some of those could be purchased from the Secret Shop of The International 2014, but not everyone could afford going there. 

The new items were much more beautiful and enjoyed higher quality of design. Some of them even changed the animation of a particular ability of the hero, which was a novelty at the time.


Morphling changed substantially with a new item

Some of these items was Blade of Tears for Morphling Morphling. Apart from resembling Ethereal Blade, which is often used for this hero, it changes animation of the second ability. It looked really fantastic.

By the way, it was then, when the first Immortal golden items emerged. It was practically impossible to get them, and their prize was way too high. Even now, you'd seldom see an owner of a golden item. The reason is simple: there are not many golden items in the world.


Golden Fissure of Еarthshaker catches the eyes


And here we are - back in 2015 and in the compendium many of you have already purchased. It is gold and maybe that's why it brings even more income. Valve has acquired substantial experience over the year to provide a gold-bringing book. Let us be frank, the more immortal items there are in the compendium, the greater is the prize pool. This year the pages for your own collection of Immortal items have been introduced to the Compendium. Instead of one treasure, you receive three of them at once. 

Items of the treasures are designed at high level. Apart from visual improvement, each of them changes the animation of some ability. This time the developers were generous in terms of special effects.

Some very lucky or very reach gamers can include golden Immortal items to their collections. They don't even have to go to
The International — all they need to do is to open the necessary chests.


Golden item for Luna

By the way, you can get as many treasures as your wallet and sanity can afford. Each treasures with Immortal items is provided for each 10 levels of the Compendium with no maximal limits. We saw the players, whose Compendium had reached about 7 500th level, which is approximately $ 3 500, invested in Dots. This money is enough for arranging a tournament for semi-pro teams.

One of the new rules was the impossibility to buy or sell the acquired items at any trading platform. Do you want a beautiful item? Level up the book and open the Treasures. Fortunately Valve permitted giving the items to your friends. But who would want to be so generous?  


The most significant novelty made by Valve was The International 2015 Collector's Cache, containing 11 sets for various heroes. Only the owners of Compendium can buy Cache, which is very smart of Valve.

Apart from items there's a chance to get a courier Faceless Rex, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful couriers in Dota 2 as of now. The animation of its flight is unique. Let's watch it:



But don't you hurry to buy caches. Statistically your chance is 1 to 250. Are you ready to spend as much as 450$ to get it (in the worth situation)? I bet there will be some people who would become the owner of the courier, whatever it'll take them. Every game has its collector.

Due to the new cache, the speed of the prize pool growth has increased substantially. It has increased by $ 1 000 000 over the past 2 days. As a result it exceeds $ 12 000 000. And we'll have the third treasure with immortal items to be opened soon. Who knows what else Valve is preparing for us

There's no doubt: $ 15 000 000 will soon be achieved. But what will be the prize pool of the International? We'll find out the answer in a couple of months. All we can do now is to suggest. Let's do it together in comments

Remaining goals:

  • $ 13 000 000 — New Announcer pack.
  • $ 14 000 000 — New Weather Effects.
  • $ 15 000 000 — Special Immortal item for Axe and Axe comics.
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