The International: Secret Shop


We're less than a month away from The International, and Valve pleases us with great bonuses. Today the online Secret Shop was opened. You can now buy toys, pads, clothes, accessories with Dota symbols and even a hook "weapon" in Secret Shop! It seems that Valve made the conclusions of the previous years souvenirs sale and understood that it needs to be enhanced and facilitated. The queues in Secret Shop at The International finals were enormous. The fans had to spend a couple of hours in a queue.


An important aspect was a preorder service for those, who will attend the tournament, which will speed up the process of souvenir purchase at the event. Additionally, after TI5 is over, the shop will still be working for some time and you'll be able to make an online order. Vinyl figures are one of the most popular goods of the secret shop. This year we'll see the new ones: Bounty Hunter, Death Prophet, Bloodseeker, Obsidian Destroyer and Venomancer!



Furthermore, a t-shrit Earthshaker's Cherished Item with design by our designer Alexey Kondakov. Earthshaker wirh Dagger is the best combination in Dota 2, all the more they are so nice and sweet! 


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#1 ru Krynush 15 July 2015, 10:13
Anyway that interesting only for USA or Canada gamers in dota 2, because additional money for deliver this items from USA to Europe, Ukraine, Russia, China and other countries are enormous.
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