Tips and Tricks: Ancient Stacking

Update: Yesterday night Valve released a patch that fixed most of the pull tactics
  • Changed creep and neutral pathfinding with Clockwerk's Cogs, Tusk's Ice Shards, Nature's Prophet Sprout, and Earthshaker's Fissure. These all now work similar to Earthshaker's Fissure, which has been changed to allow a limited amount of creep pathing around it.
One of the imperative jobs of a support is stacking jungle camps. Often this routine is considered rather boring by an average Dota player, but the advantage it offers the team is huge, especially in a pub environment. Many heroes possess AoE abilities to quickly clean up multiple creeps, thus gaining a considerable amount of gold. The support trades a part of his game time and experience gain to bring benefits to the team’s cores. 
The new patch nerfed the jungle creep stacking for some heroes. In fact, the Hellbear and the Centaur Courser (the small creeps) now carry a new passive ability, Cloak Aura, which gives 20% magic resistance to all nearby creeps and stacks multiple times with other sources of magic resistance. It means that when stacking a camp multiple times, you will also have the chance of increasing the magic resistance of all the creeps in that camp. This will negatively affect the heroes that rely on magic to clear the camp, like Shadow FiendShadow Fiend, although this change doesn’t concern AoE physical damage dealers.
Today we want to focus our attention on some particular stacking techniques that can be achieved in v6.86 due to the map’s rework and the addition of an extra big camp. Be aware, we aren’t suggesting AFK ancient farming, but we want to share ways to stack camps for the offlaner, the support or the roamer. In this way, you will maintain your role and at the same time maximize your efficiency by stacking extra camps for your team.


At 35 seconds you can aggro the Radiant ancient creeps and block their path with Ice Shards. They will start following you along the mid lane while being damaged by the tower. This method is probably the most efficient  and has already been used by different pro teams. In addition to simply stacking the ancients, this provides the added benefits of allowing the tower to do some initial damage while also pulling a wave of mid lane creeps. We are sure that Valve will block this pull because it really brings too many benefits to the team. Tusk is a tier 1 pick in this patch with a 69% draft rate and a 56% win rate - statistics from datdota. Fixed in the last patch.


While offlaning with Bristleback you can stack the big camp and ancient camp at the same time. Position yourself by cutting a tree near the big camp and use Quill Spray at 53 seconds to achieve the double stack. On the paper it is great, but the hero isn’t exactly a top pick in this meta. In v6.86 he only obtained a 15.1% draft rate with a 30% win rate, but don’t forget this tip if you happen to random him.


Io can pull the Radiant offlane and the Dire midlane’s creeps over to the new big camps, helping the lane balance and denying exp. The pull requires a ranged creep to work, so you will also need to have some luck while stacking the camp. At the moment Io has a 34% draft rate and 69% win rate in competitive games.

Nature's Prophet

This pull works for the Radiant ancients in a similar way to Tusk. Simply pull the creeps at 55 seconds and, once they are past the ramp, block it with Sprout. The ancients will follow you in the lane, aggro the creep wave and bring it to the stacked camp. Nature’s Prophet has an astonishing 62% win rate but only a 10% draft rate. Fixed in the last patch.
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