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As you my know, Ukraine Ivan "ArtStyle" Antonov is famous for his love of active and ganking heroes. And he doesn't give up his principles, sticking to his signature reckless playstyle. He plays this way not only on the pro scene, but also in pubs. Today we give you top ten heroes for pubs, recommended by Ukraine ArtStyle. The heroes are divided into two groups, with first group containing the ones, which are easy to win with. To play them and be victorious one doesn't require a great micro control or skill, a standard set of moves would be enough. Hope you enjoy!





 Tiny is a very strong nuker. A fast  Blink Dagger makes him able to solo kill almost any hero on the map. Thus, Tiny doesn't even require any support to eliminate an enemy hero. The key thing is to help him get his  Phase Boots and  Drum of Endurance at the beginning. An ideal option is to have a combination of aggressive supports on his lane, capable of initiating a fight.




 Ember Spirit fits into my pub games very well. If utilized properly on the early stages of the game, he would become a menace for your opponents. So, if everything goes my way, I will usually have  Bottle,  Phase Boots and  Drum of Edurance by the 10 minute mark. Ember can even win a game on his own, in case your teammates are doing anything significant. This hero is extremely good both in 5 vs 5 and in solo engagements.





To my great joy,  Leshrac has become one of the strongest heroes in the current meta. It is insignificant, what role this hero has and which lane he stays at, it is both great as a carry and as a support. Leshrac can also adapt to many different situations and all of his skills are equally usable. You can max out both Lightning Storm Lightning Storm and Diabolic Edict Diabolic Edict. And now that there are things like  Octarine Core, this hero becomes extremely survivable.



I like  Lycan for the fact that playing this hero makes you the one to set rules. Even when your teammates are feeding, you still have a chance to win. In general, Lycanthrope is a passive hero. You usually go for a fast  Vladimir's Offering in the jungle and then try to push out lanes safely, which means to push alone one lane when the enemy heroes are seen elsewhere on the map. Most of the time people will allow you to do so, since in pub games no one really knows how to deal with splitpush.




One of the easiest heroes in the game is  Undying. There is nothing to be invented here: you should go on the lane versus at least two opponents and turn their life into nightmare with  Decay and  Tombstone. "Zombie" (as we call this hero) pairs excellently with any nuker-support. It is really easy to win with this hero, and all you need to do is wreak havoc all around the map, while your carry is farming. You need to either pressure all the lanes simultaneously or just go heavy on one lane, forcing all the enemies to defend it. 






The second group of the heroes contains Ivan's favourite ones. Ukraine ArtStyle suggests them for people, who don't like passive Dota and are wishing for some heavy action.





 Lion is one of the coolest nukers and disablers in Dota 2. If I'm playing support Lion, I rush  Boots of Speed, though I won't recommend doing it. Overall, the hero is fairly simple to use: you level up  Earth Spike and  Hex, pack up with  Smoke of Deceit and  Clarity, and start causing a commotion. First you pressure enemy hardlaner, then go out and gank mid or just stack, pull and farm. The hero is versatile, however, it needs levels to be really helpful. With level 6 you can just run around and kill opponents every time your  Finger of Death is off cooldown.



     Storm Spirit is a hero that requires nothing but levels. You should go mid and rush   Bottle and  Power Treads. The aim is to get level 6 and strart roaming. Storm has a decent mana pool and strong skills, giving him an early game advantage. I enjoy playing this hero a lot, since games with him are always fun and dynamic. 


     Queen of Pain is basically the same thing. She doesn't need any items other than the standard ones. You get her  Bottle Boots of speed and go for every single rune. QoP is very mobile and has a big mana pool. On the 6-7 level you can easily kill supports or agility carries with your burst damage. Moreover, she is hard to gank and hard to escape from.


    You may be surprised, but  Balanar is still one of my favourite heroes. His main advantage is that he is strong even with a 1000 net worth. The hero has a lot of hp, armor and base damage, thus he hits very hard. And if you manage to get  Urn of Shadows and  Power Treads by the first night, you will become a menace for any enemy hero.  Night Stalker is both strong on mid and on safe lane. The game will go swimmingly, should you use the first night time to your advantage.





I love  Shadow Demon, and think that he pairs great with almost any other hero. It is one of the best initiators and disablers in the game, however you should play him as aggressive as possible. The hero is relevant both in the early and in the late game. When I play SD, I usually pressure mid and gank it whenever possible. I also control runes and try to mess things up for my opponents.




Answers by Ukraine Ivan "ArtStyle" Antonov

Text by UkraineYana "b2ru" Khimchenko

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