TOP 5 SoNNeikO plays 2015



The biggest Dota 2 tournament - The International 2015 -  is not far away anymore. The first wildcard matches will start soon, but as there are no major tournaments going on at the moment, let' take a look at some good plays from 2015! Today  we will take a look at some incredible plays from the young rising star player Russian Federation Akbar 'SoNNeikO' Butaev. 


TI 5 EU Qualifiers (Perfect fissure with Earthshaker)



This is a classic SoNNeikO move. He is quick with his reaction, lands a perfect fissure and gives his team the opportunity to crush the opponents, even forcing them into a quick "gg".


TI 5 EU Qualifiers (Double kill with Visage)



One of the signature players of this young player is Visage. He knows how to play this hero and even manages to get a double kill on his own!


DreamLeague Season 3 2015 (Four man echo slam with Earthshaker)



This video demonstrates why SoNNeikO is a beast with Earthshaker. After being engaged he quickly disengages and waits for the perfect moment to strike with his echo slam, resulting in a full team wipe!


TI 5 EU Qualifiers (Aegis steal with Shadow Demon)



He can not only make the big plays happen but also the smart ones. He picked up an invisible rune and decides to steal the Aegis! This is a bold move but it worked out and secured his team a small advantage.


TI 5 EU Qualifiers (Winter Wyvern saving his team mates multiple times in a long fight)



The clever use of spells can make all the difference in a fight. SoNNeikO saves two of his team mates several times by using the Glimmer cape and Cold Embrace at just the right time! Incredible timing and he demonstrates once more that he knows how to play Winter Wyvern.


(Author credit: Tyler)

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#1 21 July 2015, 14:39
Акбар просто супер. Правду ХВОСТ в интервью сказал. Главное поначалу на ЛАН-е не волноваться. Со временем и опытом это пройдет, но сейчас-то Инт!
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