TOP 5 XBOCT plays 2015


The International 5 is around the corner, and as expected there is the usual calm before the storm. Fret not, for we might just have the thing you're looking for in order to consume some tiny bit time of yours. Today, we'll showcase top 5 plays from none other than UkraineOlexandr 'XBOCT' Dashkevych in 2015.


DreamLeague season 3 (Leshrac)



This is a classic case of XBOCT Leshrac with invisibility going up against the enemy team into the Roshan pit without being scared for his life. That's why we all love him right?


Dota 2 Champions League season 5 (Juggernaut Rampage)



The title says it all. XBOCT and his rampage on one of his very strong heroes in Dota 2; The Juggernaut. Watch this fabulous play versus Power Rangers.


Dota 2 Asia Championships (Triple kill on Juggernaut and a hilarious bug)



This video is hilarious because of Juggernaut bug that increased his melee distance. In the slow-mo you can see XBOCT pause after he kills Ember Spirit. He (XBOCT) must have been very surprised.


Dota 2 Asia Championships (2 more Tripe kills against Team Tinker)



This is a classic XBOCT playing a hero that can naturally chase. Witness two triple kills in a single game with Phantom Assassin.


Dota 2 Champions League season 4 (Sven ultra kill)



You'll find an incredibly smart play from XBOCT in this game on Sven with him making smart use of his stun and converting the same into an ultra kill.


(Credits to Tyler)

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