Top 5 Cards of 2015


Aquablad, a commentator in the competitive scene, released a video with his list of the most powerful cards of 2015; we will take a look at them one by one. 

Darnassus Aspirant

In fifth place we find Darnassus Aspirant, a rare druid class card from the Grand Tournament set. At the cost of 2 mana you will receive a 2-3 minion and an extra empty mana crystal from his battlecry effect, while you will lose the mana crystal once the card is destroyed. When first released, the card was very important for the druid because he didn't have great early game minions to fight on the board against faster decks. The Darnassus solved this problem and synergized very well with the ramping of the middle range druid. Ramping mana is an old term from Magic: The Gathering, it means to use cards and abilities to get more mana available than you otherwise would have.

Reno Jackson

Reno Jackson is a legendary neutral minion from the League of Explorers expansion. It has a special effect that will completely heal your hero if you don’t have more than 1 of each card in your deck. Also note that you can actually build a deck with duplicates because Reno takes into account only the cards remaining in your deck, not the ones that are in your hand or have been already played. This card heavily influenced the meta-game and brought around the creation of different new decks, in particular the RenoLock.

Mysterious Challenger

In third place there is the Mysterious Challenger, an epic card from the Grand Tournament set, which in our opinion will surely be hit by the nerf hammer during this new year. The paladin’s secrets are already a problematic issue to deal against and this card will put one of each secret from your deck into the battlefield, for free! The sudden combination is so strong that the Challenger is usually defined as Dr. 6 (also cause to the 6 mana cost and 6-6 stats).

Emperor Thaurissan

Emperor Thaurissan is a legendary minion from the Blackrock Mountain expansion. We consider it one of the best cards in the entire game, it redefined the functionality of many decks and can be utilized in a huge variety of situations. Once played it decreases the mana cost of each card in your hand by 1 at the end of each turn, thus being extremely helpful in decks with cards with a big mana cost but also in those with 1-2 mana cost spells, that will be reduced to 0. It is great even in the last meta because it is one of the few cards that we will find almost always in a Reno deck.

Grim Patron

The winner of this selection is the Grim Patron, a rare 5 mana cost minion from the Blackrock Mountain expansion that dominated the game for a long time in 2015, and still now it is efficiently used in competitive and ladder games. Every time it takes damage, it will spawn a copy of itself - this ability is perfect if combined with the spells and other minions of the warrior, like the Frothing Berserker. Past this year the Patron deck was standard and extremely powerful, but after the nerf of the Warsong Commander it became a fair deck with different variants. 
Our SwedenSebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall played this deck during the Hearthstone World Championship 2015, scoring a flawless 5-0. At the time, our player GermanySebastian "Xixo" Bentert shared his opinion on the new deck (after the nerf):
"With the nerf to Warsong Commander, the Patron Warrior archetype has transitioned into a midrange/tempo. A lot of the best tempo cards in the current meta-game are neutral and, when combined with cards like Death's Bite or Battle Rage, they probably make this deck the strongest one in the game. Some of the current builds are still very close to the old ones, but as you don't want to stall to your combo as much anymore, but just keep playing threats that your opponent can't handle, cards like Shield Block lose their value and just don't make the cut anymore.”
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