Top 5 funn1k plays in 2015


Get ready for the last Ukraine Natus Vincere player highlights from the Dota 2 squad! So far we have seen some fine action from Ukraine ArtStyle, Ukraine Dendi, Ukraine XBOCT and Russian Federation SoNNeikO. However, one of the most consistent Na'Vi players is missing from the list. Ukraine Gleb 'funn1k' Lipatnikov is one of the most solid and versatile Offlane players the Dota 2 community has seen. Relive some of the most memorable moments from him in 2015!


TI 5 EU Qualifiers (Bloodseeker)



A fine demonstrations of funn1k's patience and understanding of the game. He waits for his opportunity to strike and uses Bloodseeker's abilities and qualities. He is very fast, which enables him to chase and finish heroes off quickly. This time a triple kill is the result!


DreamLeague Season 3 (Sandking)



funn1k has a great understanding of the game and recognizes chances and opportunities to make something happen. This time he interrupts an attempt of Russian Federation VP to secure a Roshan kill. He casts Epicenter, blinks in, burrowstrikes his opponents, gets a few kills and sets up a fight for his team. In the end he even helps out with another perfectly timed Burrowstrike.


Dota 2 Champions League Season 4 (Batrider)



Batrider is one of funn1k's signature heroes and he never fails to impress with that hero. He starts with a great Flaming Lasso, catching the opponents' carry off guard. This is not everything funn1k is doing, as he contributes to the team fight, using his abilities to slow enemies down and to finish them. In the end using  Forcestaff and Flamebreak secure a team wipe!


Excellent Moscow Cup 2 (Nature's Prophet)



Initiation is not the only thing funn1k can do with his heroes. With the help of Nature's Prophet, funn1k deals a lot of damage securing a triple kill pretty fast, chasing  and killing another hero,  gaining an ultra kill and a big advantage for his team.


World E-Sport Championship (Nature's Prophet)



Another Nature's Prophet play as it's just fun to watch! funn1k just keeps hitting the opponents getting a lot of kills. Using Black King Bar at just the right time enables him to dodge the Tidehunter ultimate, while he keeps dealing a lot of damage. funn1k manages to get a rampage, has low HP though, runs back and quickly activates Blade Mail just in time to kill Templar Assassin, who just then attacked him, to get a double rampage. He still dies but he claimed six kills, even making his death count.


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