TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments # 39


The new episode of TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments has been released! The video features five best moments of eSports competitions by professional players: Denmark karrigan, Portugalfox, Luxembourg Chrisj, United States ELIGE, France Scream. Denmark karrigan takes fifth place for solo eliminating Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas with Tec9 and AWP in eco round. The fourth best moment was created by Portugal fox, who demonstrated great shooting with sniper rifle in a match against Germany mousesports. Luxembourg Chrisj is top3. Playing CT, he made 4 frags in a match with Ukraine FlipSid3 TacticsUnited States ELIGE is the runner-up of the episode, as he destroyed 4 players. The winner is Scream, who made 4 headshots with AK-47 playing against mousesports!


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