TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments # 42


The new episode of TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments has been released. Watch the exciting highlights of the matches with Russian Federation seized, Australia AZR, France Happy, Denmark Aizy and Finland Allu. The players make frags with AWP and AK47, create incredible gun rounds, aces through smoke and much more!


Happy takes fifth player for making 5 frags with AWP in the middle of de_dust2, while playing for the national team of France. Next is  AZR, who demonstrated how to protect plant on de_train aggressively. The third is the player of  Ukraine Natus Vincere —  seized, who made four frags via smoke on de_inferno. Aizy of Dignitas is the runner-up. He made 5 frags in gun round. Allu is the winner! He neutralised 5 rivals wit AWP on de_cbble.


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