TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments # 45


New episode of TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments is up on our YouTube channel! We've gathered five interesting highlights from the most recent professional CS:GO matches and are excited to share them with our readers!


Denmark Aizy with his four great kills on de_overpass is fifth today. Fourth place goes to Denmark device, who managed to make 4 frags and plant the bomb in the match against United StatesCloud 9. He is closely followed by his teammate Denmark Dupreeh that showed a confident Dust2 B-plant takeover and eliminated four opponents using different weapons. Second place goes to NorwayJkaem, who made 4 frags with the pistols and AK-47. And, finally, gold of our today's episode goes to Bosnia and Herzegovina NiKo with 4 quick kills on de_mirage! Enjoy!


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