Trade Holds to protect our Items

Our Dota 2 and CS:GO items have a real monetary value and it takes quite a fair amount of time, work and even money to grow our collection. Due to the increasing number of scammers and of people that are actually scammed, Valve, over time, increased the security measures for our accounts. Not all changes have been welcomed with a smile from the community, mostly due to the restrictions on the possibility to freely dispose of our items. Overall, CS:GO is less restrictive; in the past, the economic model was different, while now, we can’t even sell or trade most of our Dota’s skins.
Starting from December 9th, Valve will introduce the “Trade Hold”, a period of time where the items traded are held by Steam for up to 3 days, before being delivered to their rightful owner. In this way, if a suspicious person managed to steal your account trying to get his hands on your items, you will still have the time to cancel the trade. After blocking a pending trade, your account won’t be authorized to trade items again for a determinate period of time, to assure your total safety.
There is only a way to skip the trade hold: protecting your account with an iOS or Android device using the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. After enabling it, you will need to wait 7 days to be again legitimately free to dispose of your items at once. To sponsor this new system, Valve will also gift us a discount up to 33% in the Community Market.
Increase in the protection can also end up being tedious for the final user, in fact, the mobile authenticator will send you a newly generated code every time you need to login into your account. You have to use this code in a 30 seconds time and it can be used only once. Surely, you will never risk losing your items again, but are you ready to accept the new security measure? More info on the Dota 2 Blog.
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