Treasure of the Crafter's Relic review


Valve has diffused the tension of waiting for the third Immortal treasure by releasing a new Treasure of the Crafter's Relic. Let's peak inside and find out what interesting and extraordinary items the treasure contains.



This is how the treasure looks like. It contains some Aztec and Maya-inspired sets.


Arms of the Captive Princess


First up is a  Naga Siren set. Chinese New Year style is noticable with two straight Jian swords and a traditional Chinese gown. Notably, this is the only set, in which this hero has hair. 



A loading screen comes together with the set.


Deviant Metamorphosis


This interesting artwork turns  Nyx Assassin into some sort of a killer robot. The set's official page says this armor was forged out of the material from a meteorite crater. This should allow for the final metamorphosis of   Nyx Assassin.



It is rather unsual to see a bug like this, isn't it?



There is a loading screen as well.


Charge of the Tundra Warden


A beautiful set for  Crystal Maiden adds her a bit of strength, making Rylai look not as fragile.



The set looks amazing with  Frost Avalanche Arcana.



Didn't expect a loading screen? Well, here it is!


Wrath of the Hellrunner


This one is directly related to Natus Vincere, as it was developed in association with Ukraine Oleg "prb" Bulavko. Unfortunately, a couple of alternative headpieces to choose from have not made it to the final version of the set, but   Spirit Breaker looks cools even without them.



Better have a look at this set yourself.



And the loading screen is where it should be - together with the set.


Garb of the Great Deluge


A set for  Disruptor is mostly rated by the looks of his mount. And this new set meets the expectations: Storm Walker intimidates enemies just by its appearence. 



In the loading screen  Disruptor looks like a mighty warrior, don't you think?


Hunt of the Weeping Beast


The last commonly dropped set contains 8 items for  Bloodseeker. Worth mentioning, that with the hero's rising popularity on the pro scene, the quantity of submissions for him to the workshop has increased as well, which can't but satisfy.



You can look at the new set for any angle you wish!



A zing of the set is definitely its mask. It resembles at the same time a Japanese Samurai mask and  Mask of Madness.


Flight of the Marauding Pyro


Now let's look at the least common drops. A very rare set from this treasure is a collection of items for  Batrider in the style of Native American tribes.



This Mythical bat is called Torch.



A loading screen is particularly bright and spectacular.


Coral the Furryfish Bundle


And finally, an extremely rare item! This is a Coral the Furryfish courier, which comes together with a loading screen.



A flying version of Coral is having fun and swimming in the air.



This is probably the cutest courier we've seen lately.



Admit it, you want to have one, don't you?



Treasure of the Crafter's Relic can be purchased in the Dota 2 store for $ 2,49.



Alternatively, this treasure chest can be obtained by getting Charm of the Crafter's Relic. If you are confident enough, be sure to buy this Charm, and after winning a series of 3 predicted games you will get a Treasure of the Crafter's Relic. The Charm costs $ 0,79.

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