Natus Vincere at SLTV SS5 finals

Yesterday, the organizers of the Starladder (fifth season) published the details of the final stage which will take place during 4-7 of April in Kiev Cybersport Arena. You'll find all the details below.

Team Natus Vincere is guaranteed to play in the finals after finishing second during the main round of the season with 12 wins and 3 losses (zNation, Virtus.Pro, fnatic). The event will see a Double Elimination format with Best-of-3 matches in the upper and lower brackets. Na`Vi's first opponent is going to be team
4.04 15:00 CET image Natus Vincere [x:x] [x:x] image @ de_tba, de_tba
Natus Vincere: Starix, Ceh9, Zeus, Edward, Markeloff AdreN, Dosia, Fox, ANGE1, Kucher
The other semifinal will see the battle of the first and the fourth team in the rating: NiP vs ESC. This match will take place on 12:30 CET:
4.04 12:30 CET image NiP [x:x] [x:x] image ESC @ de_tba, de_tba
NiP: GeT_RiGhT, forest, Xizt, Fifflaren, friberg
ESCLoord, Neo, Taz, Kuben, Pasha
Prize money distribution for the finals:
  1. $6 000
  2. $3 000
  3. $2 500
  4. $2 000
The organizers have prepared some really impressive entertainment programm for the visitors. There will be a couple of CS:GO tournaments, fun contests, and more. The matches will be casted by the boys band of sl4m, tafa and strike.
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