Total Recall: GuardiaN in Na`Vi.G2A


Now that Slovakia GuardiaN has transferred to International FaZe Clan, it's time to recall the plays of Ladislav Kovacs in Na`Vi. Let's start with how the prominent AWPer got to CIS Natus Vincere G2A, then we'll talk about the path Ladislav has made with our team, and watch a couple of incredible highlights!


From to Na`Vi — transfer process

Before joining the Born to Win, Ladislav had already played in a CIS team - Russian Federation However, he hadn't spent much time there. In two months the team was disbanded, following the transfer of Ukraine ANGE1 and Russian Federation Dosia to Kazakhstan Astana Dragons. As a result, Slovakia GuardiaN remained "teamless".


Slovakia GuardiaN in Russian Federation


Meanwhile, two players of Ukraine Natus Vincere Ukraine markeloff and Ukraine Edward experienced hard times transferring to the new version of Counter-Strike and decided to join Kazakhstan Astana Dragons. First, Ukraine Na`Vi decided to give the chance to young players of CIS region: Russian Federation seized and Russian Federation kibaken. Unfortunately, this roster of Ukraine Natus Vincere didn't succeed and following the failure at the first CS:GO major (DreamHack Winter 2013), the team decided to reshuffle.


This time Ukraine ceh9 and Russian Federation kibaken left Ukraine Na`Vi. There were two vacant places in the team. One was given to Ukraine Edward without doubts. Meanwhile, there were 2 candidates for the second slot: Ladislav and France kennyS. Finally, the French player refused the offer and the role of AWP was given to Slovakia GuardiaN. The new roster was announced on 9 December 2013:


  • Ukraine Zeus
  • Ukraine Edward
  • Ukraine starix
  • Russian Federation seized
  • Slovakia GuardiaN

Brief retrospective of playing in Na`Vi

The new roster of Natus Vincere couldn't achieve the best results for quite a while. The beginning of 2014 was horrible: the team didn't make it to the playoff of the major for the second time. This seemed to question the choice of the players on the roster. However, the guys decided to continue playing together!


Such approach turned out to be fruitful and CIS Na`Vi finally won one of their first CS:GO tournaments — 9th Season of StarSeries. The results that followed, though, lacked consistency. Nonetheless, in one month after the victory at StarSeries, CIS Na`Vi took second place at DreamHack Summer 2014, losing 0-2 to Sweden NiP in the grand final. In Sweden, Ladislav along with Ukraine Edward became the MVPs of the tournament for CIS Natus Vincere. His rating was 1.13 and he made the most kills with AWP (71).


However, the main competition of the summer for CIS Na`Vi was ESL One Cologne 2014, which was to determine the fate of the team. Fortunately, the guys managed to cope with the task and made it to the playoff of Valve's tournament for the first time.


Slovakia GuardiaN helps CIS Natus Vincere to advance to the playoff of Valve tournament


Further on, Slovakia GuardiaN and the team continued to progress, which enabled CIS Na`Vi to win the second place in 10th and 11th seasons of StarSeries. The main achievemnt of 2014 was top 4 in DreamHack Winter 2014, which was a major, by the way. As a rule, Ladislav achieved high rankings in the statistics of almost every tournament: at DreamHack Winter he made  71 kills with AWP (2nd best at the tournament), 0.4 kills per round with AWP (best stat of the tournament) and many other awards.


As a result, he achieved top 11 in the Best Players of 2014 by


We began 2015 with a major — ESL One Katowice 2015. Unfortunately, CIS Na`Vi didn't manage to improve the results of Dreamhack Winter 2014. The team was defeated by France EnVyUs 1-2 in the quarterfinals. This was followed by the new reshuffle: Ukraine starix transferred to the coach position, while the organization acquired a new star - Russian Federation flamie.


Slovakia GuardiaN with CIS Na`Vi got to top 4 of DreamHack Winter 2014


Following the acquisition of Russian Federation flamie, the performance of CIS Na`Vi didn't improve, but on the eve of the Cologne major, the players pulled themselves together and achieved several impressive victories, including those at ESWC 2015 and the 10th season of StarSeries. First of all, that was due to outstanding performance of Slovakia GuardiaN, who managed to achieve some unbelievable stats. These 2 tournaments are some of the best in his entire career with the ratings of 1.36 and 1.22 respectively. Unfortunately, this success was followed by a severe and unexpected drop in Ladislav's performance, which coincided with the major and imparted the results of the team. As a result, CIS Na`Vi hardly made it to the playoff of ESL One Cologne 2015 and were again defeated by France EnVyUs — 0-2 in the semifinals. Slovakia GuardiaN hit one of his worst results at the major - 0.97 rating.


In autumn 2015 CIS Natus Vincere came up with a brilliant idea - Ukrainestarix became an in-game leader of the team. It took them several months to adapt to the new playstyle, but it was really fruitful! First, we made to the final of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015. As usual, the best performance of CIS Natus Vincere was the one by Slovakia GuardiaN, with 1.30 raiting.


That year was successful for CIS Natus Vincere mostly due to Slovakia GuardiaN. Our team achieved many unforgettable victories and made it to the major's final for the first time. As concerns Ladislav, his consistent play and high stats throughout 2015 enabled him to hit top 2 of the year's best players by


Slovakia GuardiaN в финале DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015


The initial 6 months of 2016 were the most successful for our CS:GO line-up. CIS Na`Vi made it to 6 finals, winning two of them (Counter Pit Season 2 and DreamHack Open ZOWIE Leipzig 2016), with one being the major's final (MLG Columbus 2016). Unfotunately, Slovakia GuardiaN got a hand injury, which prevented him from showing his best at MLG Columbus and forced to increase the mouse sensitivity 4 times compared to the regular.


While Ladislav was treating his hand, CIS Na`Vi was to play at DreamHack Malmo with Ukraine starix as a stand-in. Slovakia GuardiaN joined the team at the playoff stage and made it to the final of the tournament, where the team was defeated by Sweden NiP — 0-2. Unortunately, in the coming months the injury of our AWPer impacted the overall team performance. As a result, CIS Natus Vincere decided to strengthen the firepower by replacing Ukraine Zeus with Ukraine s1mple.


Slovakia GuardiaN during the victory at  ESL One New York 2016


At first team seemed to achieve good results, winning ESL One New York, where Ukraine s1mple and Slovakia GuardiaN became the MVPs of the Born to Win. However, this victory was followed by the long decline in the performance of the team. The saddest thing was that Ladislav never managed to achieve the gaming shape of the previous years. The last tournament in the history of Slovakia GuardiaN in CIS Na`Vi was PGL Major Krakow 2017, where the team didn't make it to the playoff and lost the Legend status, which Ladislav had brought us once.

Ladislav's statistics with Natus Vincere

  • While being at CIS Na`Vi Ladislav played 790 maps with 1.14 rating;
  • Most kills were made with sniper rifle — 9083;
  • He played at 10 majors with our team and played in the final twice - at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015 and MLG Columbus 2016;
  • The best major for Ladislav was DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015 — 1.30 rating;
  • With CIS Natus Vincere he won 9 tournaments and took second place 14 times;
  • He won 286 clutch rounds for us.




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