TI 2015: Treasure Review


The last Treasure with Immortal items related to The International 2015 were released this night. We opened the chest and examined each item to find out, which one is a real treasure. Want to know? Read below!



The first is Trove Carafe 2015. It can be purchased in Dota 2 official shop for $ 3,99. There's also an edition with an autograph, which costs $ 4,99. We'd like to add, that a Treasure with the items bought in Secret Shop in Seattle, is of Geniune quality. Apart from that, there's an extra rare Treasure that comes with the golden items.




The first item on the list is Sullen Hollow — the "back" for  Necrophos. Apart from a special effect on the back of the hero, there's a changed icon of Death Pulse — now instead of the skulls, the hands stretch out to the rivals.


Outworld Devourer


The Immortal item for  Outworld Devourer to be added into Treasure has long been known due to the leak of textures into the global web. However, nobody knew it would be a stick. The new item looks much better compared to those, which are now available in the game client. Shards of Exile changes animation and icon of Astral Imprisonment.




Finally the fans of the hero have gained the Immortal item for the hero. Though the style of Staff of Perplex fits better  Skywrath Mage, each fan of grand mage will be happy to get it in his collection. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of the item is obvious: the change of both the animation and the icon of Telekinesis is minor.




Sometimes it seems that Valve make fun of the fans. There were so many requests to change the model of the hero! However, everytime Valve add something new instead of changing the old things. This time they've added Grasping Bludgeon, which has both new icon and animation of Stun, making it look like mini-Ravage.




Do you remember the rumors that Naval Mine for  Tidehunter will become a new Immortal item? Nope, this didn't happen. Valve decided to surprise everyone with original idea by putting a diving mask on a hero — Floodmask. We'd like to ask: "why would a sea creature need one?" Well it looks funny. Now Gush ability has new item and new animation.




A very rare is the courier Huntling, which looks like a small  Bounty Hunter. This is a copy of figure, which is now sold in Secret Shop. Still it looks really nice.



Next is Lockless Luckvase 2015. In general it doesn't differ from the first Treasure, except it has no version with golden textures. The price is the same - $ 3,99, or $ 4,99 for a treasure with autograph.


Ancient Apparition


The item Shatterblast Crown for a great support is arguable. When looking at the preview, one might think it's a crown for  Vengeful Spirit, but when looking closer, it becomes obvious that it's not the crown at all. The item will surely have some fans. The icon and animation of Ice Blast are changed. This is the first item of the kind for this hero.




This is the Immortal item for one of the most popular heroes of pub games! Frankly speaking Thirst of Eztzhok are awesome! The blood falling from its razors is most remarkable, compared to changed skill Bloodrage.




We expected the item to become exclusive, since it was sold with a limited collection of hats in Secret Shop. However it was idded to the treasure. Anyway Razzil's Midas Knuckles looks great and fits the hero perfectly. It also adds a bit of gold colour to the finished creeps.




This is one of the most original Immortal-items in the whole treasure. Flying cannon - what can be coller?! Paraflare Cannon replaces the standard rocket of the hero and introduces a new icon and animation of Rocket Flare. Do you like these flying parachutes?




 Visage is another hero, who gained a new item. Valve developers didn't think much and simply changed the most powerful thing the hero has — familiars. Now Tolling Shadows carry large weights, which don't bring additional damage, though they look terrifying.




Similar to the first treasure, the courier of this treasure is a very rare award. The model is the digital embodiment of the figurette, sold in Secret Shop. Unlike all other items, Venoling can be golden. However, it can be only found in Golden Trove Carafe 2015, which can be obtained extremely rarely.


This is it! Our traditional question is: "Are you satisfied with Immortal items? Have you expected more?" Leave your comments!

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