True Na'Vi project: buy the original


E-sports club Natus Vincere is happy to present the international project "True Na'Vi". Producing official uniform and attributes for our fans, we invest our experience and desire to develop this sphere. We aim to produce high-quality items, however, too many fake websites have recently emerged. That is why, we decided to launch the project "True Na'Vi". Keep on reading to find out more about it.


From autumn 2014 all Natus Vincere official products (Hoodie, Jersie, T-Shirt) will be sold with a special sticker, bearing a unique code. This code should be entered on a special webpage to check if this code is registered in the database of Natus Vincere original products. Thus, you'll know for sure if the item you've bought is original.


Moreover, upon entering a code you will be automatically registered in a monthly raffle of cool prizes.




Follow the link to see the list of official partner shops in Ukraine, Europe and Russia, which sell original products True Na'Vi.


Visit True Na`Vi webpage

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Gold 17 Respect 3
#1 ph JoshPH 23 September 2014, 15:09
Good New's for Navi Fans :))

Buy Navi Shirt etc. and you will get a chance to win to get Free Items :D

I'll try to save Money for this ;))

Gold 0 Respect 1
#2 br denhinhow 23 September 2014, 15:19
it's a shame you do not meet the Brazilian public ='/
Gold 13 Respect 2
#3 in devilsnare1 23 September 2014, 16:57
I just received my navi sibervia v2 wooot :D
Gold 2 Respect 3
#4 id qunip 23 September 2014, 17:44
i want it i want it :(((
gv me one please :(((
Gold 455 Respect 1276
#5 ph edrilordz 24 September 2014, 04:21
:(... i wish i can buy that... ORIGINALS :(
Gold 455 Respect 1276
#6 ph edrilordz 24 September 2014, 05:19
saving money "actived" ^_^
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