Russian national team to playoffs


The Russian team has shown a flawless performance in a group stage of CS:GO World Championships 2015. Two BO3 wins helped the guys secure their place in playoffs and get a chance to continue the fight for $ 100 000. Ukraine Natus Vincere players — Russian Federation Еgor «flamie» Vasilyev and Russian Federation Denis «seized» Kostin, played a very important role in it. They have managed to win numerous difficult rounds and save their team in crucial moments both in online matches and the group stage. 

Portugal, Kyrgyzstan and Tunisia were seeded to become the group stage rivals of the Russian national team, but the Portuguese squad withdrew from the competition at the very last moment. To solve the problem and determine the best team among the rest of the participants, the tournament organizers decided to change the match format for this specific group. The Russian CS:GO squad has played four maps within two BO3 matches and came out on top in each of them. Five players scored 369 frags altogether. flamie showed true professionalism by reaching 55% headshot percentage in his 74 frags, followed by seized that managed to score 71. This way, all  Ukraine Natus Vincere representatives entered a top-3 list of Russian group stage top-fraggers. 


The Tunisian national team was the first on the list of Russian group stage rivals. The first game on de_inferno ended with a 16:3 score in favor of our guys, and the result of the second one was almost the same. Russian Federation seized with 24–7–3 KDA was the best de_overpass player, and Еgor scored 16–6–2. All in all, the guys from Natus Vincere showed some great plays and proved how good they can be.

The second group stage match against Kyrgyzstan turned out to be much tougher compared to the previous ones. The game on de_cobblestone ended 16:10. Denis Коstin had the lowest death ratio with 19–11–6 KDA, while Egor Vasilyev tried to score more frags (20–18–4). The second map was de_mirage, and flamie  showed himself as its MVP, with 18–8–3 on the scoreboard.


On 10 October, the Russian team will play their first playoff match at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive World Championships. Its opponents will be determined after the second match day.


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