CS:GO World Championship results


Russian National team finished its performance at CS:GO World Championship with the highest average rating of K-D-A, which is even greater than the rating of the tournament's winner - National team of France. The total rating of Russian national team is 1.16, while the French National team's rating is 1.14. This means that Russia's national team performed more accurate than other teams in Belgrade. They lacked just a Three players of the Russian National team are among the best players of World Championships 2015: Russian Federation flamie (rating 1.22), Russian Federation seized (1.17), Russian Federation WorldEdit (1.23).


Two players of Ukraine Natus Vincere were the members of Russian National team. The team played 9 maps in group stage and play-off. The most accurate player of Russian National team was Russian Federation Egor "flamie" Vasiliev. 55 % of his frags were headshots. Overall, of 9 maps Russian National team won 6 maps and lost 3 maps. The players made 885 frags during 232 rounds. The Born to Win flamie made the most frags of all the teammates. He managed to make 194 frags, seized made 174 frags. That's why Egor gets a symbolic prize of "top frager" of the Russian National team at CS:GO World Championship.


Both Russian Federation Egor "flamie" Vasiliev and Russian Federation Denis "seized" Kostin achieved very good results at the tournaments. The casters and viewers emphasized the contribution of our players to the victory at many maps. Unfortunately, even great performance of our eSportsmen didn't help Russia to become the champion of the tournament. In the first match of play-off, the national team of Russia managed to defeat Norway's national team. The match was very hard due to many delays related to the DdoS attacks. Notwithstanding, the break of 2,5 hours, our players managed to retain strength and win.



In the semifinal Russian team encountered France and was very close to victory. The first map ended in overtimes, the French having won 16:19 (7:8; 8:7) (1:4). Russia was very good in the first half-time at the second map de_mirage. However, the French managed to pull themselves together and won 11:16 (9:6; 2:10).


It was decided not to play the match for the third-fourth place. As a result Ukraine Natus Vincere players took third place at the World Championship along with the Swedish national team. The prize for the third place is $ 10 000. Ukraine Na`Vi eSportsmen posted many interesting things on social networking websites. Today Russian Federation flamie and Russian Federation seized are flying back home to prepare to the most important CS:GO championship of this fall — DreamHack Cluj.




Match results and players stats:

Russian Federation Russia [2:0] Tunisia Tunisia —  16:3 de_inferno; 16:4 de_overpas


Russian Federation Russia [2:0] Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan — 16:10 de_cobblestone; 16:2 de_mirage



Russian Federation Russia [2:1] Norway Norway — 19:16 de_overpass; 10:16 de_dust2; 16:10 de_mirage


Russian Federation Russia [0:2] France France — 16:19 de_cobblestone; 11:16 de_mirage;



Photos taken from: hltv.org and instagram.com/hitboxlive/

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