Diablo Guide by Breez


The first article in our Heroes of the Storm section of TWOP is ready! Meet Diablo guide by our star player - SwedenPontus "Breez" Sjogren. Study the guide to learn how to play Diablo, the way Breez does it! We hope this article will help you improve your skill!


Translator's comment:


"Thank you for reading this guide! Our main goal was to help the beginner players master such useful hero! I hope the guide helps you not only understand the hero, but also love the splendid Blizzard's game - Heroes of The Storm! Support Breez and Na`Vi!"



There'll be more guides on other HotS heroes by the players of our team!


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Twitter — NaviBreez

Facebook — BreezHotS

Twitch — breezhots

VKontakte — breeznavi


Enjoy the reading! Learn, study and win!



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