CS:GO update - September 16, 2015


Counter Strike: Global Offensive client has been updated to the version. The list of changes is quite vast: it includes animation improvements that make the game look a bit more realistic, player model geometry and skeleton updates as well as M4A1-S fixes.


Update review by ceh9

The list of changes:

  • Modified player model animations.
  • Updated player model geometry and skeleton.
  • Updated animation networking to continually synchronize animation state.
  • Player animation sequence selection is now server-initiated.
  • Added new player states including bomb defusal and ladder climb poses.
  • Changed animations for model behaviour: added thirdperson weapon deploy animations to more accurately represent viewmodel deploy state.
  • Added consol commands «sv_show_voip_indicator_for_enemies» and «sv_showbullethits». If set, the first one will make it so the ‘voice chat’ icon shows over enemy players as well as allies when they are using their microphone. The second one visualizes server-confirmed hits and near-misses on listen servers.
  • Fixed a bug where the mini-scoreboard armor/helmet information was not displaying for coaches.
  • Extended all vertical aim matrix ranges to encompass the majority of vertical aim pitch so weapons line up precisely to firing angle. 
  • Added dynamic player culling to prevent players and weapons poking through thin walls and textures.
  • Players can now report enemies for anti-competitive griefing.


The problems with hitboxes and ladders




  • Reduced price.
  • Reduced armor penetration .
  • Reduced rate of fire.
  • Increased base spread.


Zeus x27:
  • Reduced price to $100.


Dual Berettas:
  • Increased armor penetration.
  • Increased range modifier.
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