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The new update, released this night, is not as large, as that, released on 12 November, but it is much more important. Finally, we've got the long-waited comics about Axe Axe along with Immortal item for the hero. Let's check out other changes too!


List of changes


The main feature of the update is the comics about Axe Axe, which is one of the rewards for the prize pool reaching particular amount. The new Immortal item Mantle of the Cinder Baron is available for all the owners of Compendium of The International 2015. It has two stles. In addition to that, the owners of the item will get a bonus — Soaring Cache. To read the comics follow the link below.




AXE Immortal Cape TI 2015 Reward


Other changes


  • Added the ability to spoiler-protect the Featured tournament tab.
  • Fixed an issue were the free camera speed was affected by the replay playback speed.
  • Fixed issue where players who disconnected just before hero selection would not be assessed with a failure to connect penalty, resulting in the match continuing with less than 10 players.
  • Fix bug causing matchmaking to balance teams poorly at extremely high MMR




  • Added ticket of ASUS ROG Royal Series.
  • Fixed the inventory icon of the new Lumini Polare loading screen.

UI Updates

  • Updated some text strings. For eg: UB has been changed to Upper Bracket and etc to be more descriptive.
  • 'Starting Soon' tag has been added to the Upcoming Games list on the sidebar of the Featured tab.
  • Supporting strings for the new spoiler protection feature added today.
  • A new notification message has been added warning you that the game cannot start because the team id's of the teams in a lobby do not match that of the series info.

Console Updates

  • dota_wait_for_players_failed_delay - How long to stay at the waiting-for-players UI after all players have loaded - DEFAULT: 3
  • dota_tournament_spoilers_blocked <0/1> - To enable and disable spoiler protection on the brackets. New feature mentioned in the changelog above.


Update size: 57,2 Mb.



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