8th September's Update


The new patch of the Heroes of the Storm was recently released, introducing the legendary hero of the Horde, Rexxar, in the game and slightly changing the talents of Kael`thas. Additionally the patch fixed the mistakes in the game's interface and stopped the genocide of Treasure Goblins.


New hero Rexxar


Rexxar overview — Heroes of the Storm


The new hero was the main introduction, which changed the game. Horde's hero Rexxar is the first ranged warrior in Nexxus. His feature is a pet Misha, who will tank the damage, attack the rivals and bring much trouble on the battlefield. There are two abilities, related to the pet ("Misha, Charge!" and "Mend Pet"), one talent and one heroic ability "Bestial Wrath". Apart from managing a bear-pet, Rexxar can also send eagle, who brings damage to all the rivals in the line and slows them ("Spirit Swoop"). The second heroic ability is a release of a herd of boars that track down all enemy heroes. The new hero is not easy to play, so it's unlikely to be good for newcomers. However, the experienced players will handle him good and will most likely enjoy the game. 


Other changes

The list of changes was short this time. Of all the Nexus' heroes, only Kael'thas was slightly changed. From now on his talent "Chain Bomb" has different mechanics — it applied the effect "Living Bomb" to the three nearby rivals, if the effect hasn't been used against them before.


The announced limitations for hero leagues were introduced. From now on only single player or groups of 2 players can play there. The Player Reporting and Penalties were also improved, the list of Report Categories having been increased. Players who are frequently reported for Abusive Chat will be given a Silence Penalty. The first penalty will last for 24 hours. The next one will be twice as long. 


The bug of Abathur’s Toxic Nests has been fixed. It will no longer provide larger than intended areas of vision. The user interface was also changed. The problem with status bars display was fixed. Team League games are now properly listed.


Read the full list on the official website.

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