Download section: New demos and configs


Dear friends, we're very said to admit that we haven't updated our Download section on our website. Since it's summer 2015, whereas the old files are still uploaded on the website. We decided to fix this situation and "reload" the section. From now in we'll upload from time to time new replays, configurations and modepacks of our star squads of the following titles: Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm and World of Tanks. Follow the updates in our section and improve your skills! 



We added to out Dota 2 section as follows: replays of pub-matches ofUkraine Dendi and Ukraine ХВОСТ and a couple of replays of the team's captain Ukraine Ivan "ArtStyle" Antonov, playing Luna, Bloodseeker, Lycan and Сlinkz. Do you want to learn more and become better? Download replays and watch the professionals playing!



We added up-to-date configurations of our players and the demo records of the recent finals of StarLadder StarSeries Season XIII and ESWC 2105 Montreal to our Counter Strike: Global Offensive section. do you want to play as UkraineNatus Vincere? Download demos and learn from our players!



The World of Tanks section enjoys the new game settings of the players of our team, along with the new loading wheel of UkraineNa`Vi and mpdepack from Amway921 for 0.9.9 version. 



Additionally we've created a new section of Heroes of the Storm and added there a couple of replays from the various tournaments, in which our team participated. If you haven't played Heroes of the Storm yet and don't know what to begin with, we suggest studying from the best!



Additionally, you can download Mmmulticast from our website. It will enable you to watch up to four streams simultaneously. You will also find a set of pictures to support Ukraine Na`Vi at The International 2015 and much more! 


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