CS:GO: The utility of Grenades


Grenades play a huge role in the Counter-Strike series and they have become much more of a key factor in CS:GO than they were in the previous versions. A well timed flash or a properly positioned smoke can easily win the team a round even in desperate situations. Today we would be taking a look at all the grenades in the game and provide the readers with some valuable information about them.
One thing to remember about throwing all these grenades is that there isn’t just 1 way to throw them; you can throw grenades by using both the Left Mouse Button and the Right Mouse Button. Throwing with just the Left mouse button will throw it the farthest while the right mouse button will throw it near your feet. If you press both and release them together then the grenade will travel between the previous two ranges.You can have pretty much an infinite methods of throwing a grenade: as if you release them one after the another then the grenade will be thrown between these three ranges.
A youtuber who is known for doing informational videos on CS:GO has done a video showing all the three grenade throws, and also talking about each of the grenades and their proper usage.



The Flashbang is one of the cheapest grenades apart from the decoy grenade, and it can be considered as one of the most useful in the game. For anyone new to the game: it blinds anyone who is looking at it when it goes off; enemies, teammates and even yourself. Due to that be careful when you are throwing a flash, as you might flash yourself or your teammates instead of the enemies, and get killed. 
Most of the time the flashes that you will throw would be ineffective as enemies would turn their back on them and in the result would just kill you even if they get half blind, as for the player it still shows the enemy having his hands cover his face as if he was fully flashed. In order to prevent that you should try to throw the flash in a way that it explodes just when it comes into the line of sight of your opponent; this gives them almost no chance of countering it and would result in them getting fully flashed by surprise. This method of throwing a flash is called a pop flash and it is used in almost every professional match. There are many pop flashes that you can do for various locations on almost every map.
10 pop flashes that you can do on de_dust2. Courtesy of Trilluxe.

Decoy Grenade

Decoy grenades are one of the cheapest grenades in the game and they don’t have much of a use as they only create sounds of your weapon. The noise created by the grenade does show up on the enemy radar even without line of sight of it, which makes it useless as people realize that it is a decoy after a few seconds. 
It is sometimes used by people as a fake flash as it has the same shape and creates the same sound when it bounces as the flashbang. People would sometimes throw it when they are out of flashbangs or when they want to rush. Most of the time people might look away from it for a split second thinking that it might be a flashbang. This gives you the opportunity to kill them with their backs towards you.

HE Grenade

Next up would be the High Explosive (HE) grenade; its use is pretty simple. You pull the pin and throw it and it would explode, dealing damage to anyone who is near it. It damages for a good chunk of HP and it might be enough to kill an unarmored player if it hits him and lands right at his feet as the direct impact deals 1-2 points of damage. It can also derail a rush attempt by the enemy, as it might slow them down if it directly hits a player and then when it explodes it would deal a pretty heavy blow to the whole team. 
Maximum damage that can be dealt by the HE grenade. Credits to Counter-Strike Wikia.
Its usage in pistol round is really underestimated especially on the Counter-Terrorist side. If your team buys 2 HE grenades and throws them together towards their possible entrance on a site: eg Long doors, A short and Upper Tunnels, then it would easily kill 1-3 people and heavily damage the others if the timing is perfect. This can give your team a huge advantage, which can result in an easy round win and help you get a couple of rounds more due to the enemy team being forced to eco. 

Smoke Grenade

Now it’s time to talk about the Smoke Grenade; before Global Offensive, the smoke grenade was really useless, as smokes used to be transparent and did not really block vision, but in Global Offensive the smoke is really opaque and obscures vision of everyone. It also makes anyone inside the smoke have zero visibility, so even if someone bumps into another in the smoke, they both will have no idea that there is somebody in front of them, blocking them. 
It is not the best option to rush or walk through a smoke, as your vision would take time to fade back into normal but anyone outside the smoke would be able to see you coming through, before your vision is completely restored. Keep in mind that even though the smoke is heavily opaqued,  the corners of the smoke still allow people to see through, so it is advised to not leave any gaps in the smokes if you want to cross a spot where the enemies might be looking from, as they will see you through the gap. 
One thing to keep in mind is that smokes would not bloom until they have landed on the ground, unlike most of the grenades. Because of this you can smoke off an area from the other side of the map if thrown properly. That makes executing on a bombsite fairly easy, as you might be able to line up your smokes from a safe place where the enemies will not rush, fearing they might get killed without any backup.
Smokes that you can perform on de_cache, most of them being fairly basic. Credits to luckySkillFaker.
You can also make use of the soft corners by creating "one-way" smokes which would cause you to see a location through the smoke but your opponent would barely be able to see you unless he is near you or has a scoped rifle. They serve as a good method of defending a certain location or a bombsite as it can sometimes surprise new players or someone who does not know about that one way smoke.

Molotov & Incendiary Grenades

Finally we would talk about the Incendiary grenade and the Molotov; both serve the same purpose and that is to cover an area with flames to prevent anyone from crossing it. It can easily repel a rush by the enemy team, as sometimes it can create panic if they don’t have a smoke to extinguish the flames. 
Both of these grenades are pretty much the same except for a few differences: the Molotov is cheaper and does more damage to armored opponents than its counterpart. But it can not be considered as the superior grenade over the incendiary as its projectile is bigger than the incendiary, which might make it impossible to throw through tight gaps. Also the molotov takes a longer time to actually deploy. 
Below we have linked another video by 3kliksphilip, this one comparing the molotov and incendiary grenades. The video is a bit outdated in regards to how they behave with the smoke grenades, but most of the information is still accurate. In the video he also talks about all the potential damage values for both armored and unarmored opponents.


This concludes this guide; we hope that you were able to learn more about these grenades and can use the ones we have covered much more efficiently. The proper use of grenades can easily turn the tides in your favor.

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