Clothing for CS:GO by Valve


Valve company in cooperation with Betabrand website present new CS:GO themed line of clothing. The precursory design of the clothing is ready. The line includes 9 items: shirts with short sleeves, T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, blouses, dresses. The developers of the legendary game offer the fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to choose the design of clothing, which will later be produced and sold.

If you expected to see the exact copies of CT and T skins implemented in garments, you were mistaken. The designers had very creative approach to the creation of items, which CS:GO fans will wear. The ingame symbols are only part of the design of a casual clothing, aimed at youth. The exact copy of skins can be found only on the crystal jacket. The other garments have legendary chicken, logos from the game and the prints of popular skins for weapon.


It is up to you, which version of clothing will be eventually sold. To make your choice go to the official website of the game and go to the Betabrand website, on which the voting is held. Some versions of garments have collected over 4 500 votes in less than a day.


There are no particular dates on which Valve clothing will be released. The price hasn't been announced either. However, the T-shirts at Betabrand cost $ 88+, and hoodies cost $ 140-250. The clothing will most likely be sold in online-shop. Part of it is likely to be brought to one of the major tournaments and appear on the official website of the game.  If everything goes well, you'll possibly obtain opportunity to put on CS:GO T-shirt in the end of 2015.


Betabrand was chosen deliberately by CS:GO developers. This project is an open platform, where anyone can propose his or her design of clothing. If visitors like it, they make order. The headquarters is located in San-Francisco.

All the famous teams sell eSports themed clothing. They sell the uniform of their players. Selling CS:GO themed clothing isn't new experience for Valve either. You can buy T-shirts, caps and other garments with CS:GO logo in the official shop.



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