Na`Vi splits with Versuta


E-sports club Natus Vincere informs that Aren “Versuta” Zoubarian is no longer a member of our organization. Aren joined us in July 2013. Many fans were very skeptical about this appointment, since the attitude towards this streamer had always been contradictory for many reasons. In the same time, many people have noticed the professional growth of Aren over the short period of time. He was an amateur streamer and turned into a professional caster of high level. We're glad that most of these positive changes happened to him under the tag of Natus Vincere. While working with us, Versuta tried to perform as a caster, an author of guides and visited the main event of the year - The International 4.


Unfortunately Aren began to come back to his long forgotten role, which made him popular. Alas, the legendary "rages" doesn't fit well the public image of Natus Vincere, though they might please some fans. The split up doesn't mean we cross out the results of our cooperation. On contrary, this is a great opportunity to move on, using the acquired experience.


Na`Vi wishes much success to Aren in any professional field he might choose. 

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