StarLadder XIII: Sweet victory after bitter losses

After the loss in the first grand tournament of the summer, DreamHack Summer 2015, Natus Vincere's CS:GO squad needed to taste the victory at LAN-tournament with a substantial prize pool once again. The thirteenth season of SLTV Starseries in Kyiv was a great chance for them. The world grands of CS:GO: fnatic,, NiP, Titan and TSM didn't come to Kyiv, still Kiev Cybersport Arena welcomed many titled teams, including EnVyUs, which brought much trouble to Ukrainian gamers at the tournament. Apart from the French team,, Gamers2, HellRaisers, and one more Ukrainian team FlipSid3 Tactics came to the LAN final. 
The tournament was held in 2 stages: group stage (round-robin) and play off. The organizers awarded $ 22 000 for first place and $ 12 000 to runner-up.
Team G W D L RD P
Ukraine Natus Vincere 5 3 0 2 -1 9
Ukraine FlipSid3 5 4 0 1 21 12
Bulgaria 5 3 0 2 5 9
Poland Gamers2 5 2 0 3 -8 6
CIS HellRaisers  5 0 0 5 -33 0
France Team EnVyUs  5 3 0 2 16 9
Na`Vi are capable of pull themselves together for grand LAN-tournament and play their Counter-Strike, smashing everyone on their way. During the group stage the Born to Win didn't feel much opposition of the rivals, easily took second place in the group and got to the play off. In the semifinals they encountered FipSid3 и разобрались с ними со счетом 2:0. Meanwhile the French team EnVyUs won the match against The result was no surprise, since the French team was one of the favorites.
The Final was conducted on the last day of the tournament. Both teams were very powerful, so it was hard to determine the favorite. EnVyUs were stably showing great performance and there were no undefeatable rivals for them. As concerns Natus Vincere, they weren't the world's leaders at the time, but were much aspired to regain their past positions to much pleasure of the fans. There were many fans in Kiev Cybersport Arena, who supported the Born to Win, shouting : "Na`Vi! Na`Vi! Na`Vi!". 
The emotions were fierce! The tension was enormous all the time until the last round ended. The final was held in bo5 format. The first map was de_cobblestone. The Born to Win won it with difficulties 16:14. The French revenged at de_dust2, and won 16:10. Next was de_overpass, won by our team easily 16:4.
de_inferno was a decisive map of the final. It is one of the most powerful maps of Team EnVyUs. Sceptics said Natus Vincere chances were very low, but they were wrong. After a splendid game Ukrainian players managed to bring the game to overtimes, where they managed to push the rival and won 25:23 the cup of SLTV Starseries Season XIII and the prize of $ 22 000.
This victory was exciting and inspired Natus Vincere to future victories!
Author - Tyshkevich Yuri


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