Road to BlizzCon: Na`Vi moving to victory


The adventureі of our Heroes of the Storm squad at Road to BlizzCon July Open was truly exciting and intriguing. If you didn't have opportunity to follow the games of your favorite team, we suggest watching the replays of International Na`Vi games at the tournament.


International Na`Vi [0:2] Russian Federation Virtus.Pro, quarterfinal of the upper brackets

The Born to Win encountered in the first match one of the most uncomfortable rival at the tournament, namely Russian Federation Virtus.Pro. Both teams are relatively equal in power. Tomb of the Spider Queen was tge first battleground, Both teams perform well at this map. The game was rather slow, the actions began only upon achieving twelfth level,  International Na`Vi broke the first fort of the rivals, whereas VP shed the first blood. Afterwards, the game turned into positioning confrontation again. However, incautious game by Zeratul enabled Russian Federation Virtus.Pro to gain advantage, which led to our defeat on the first battleground. 


Dragon Shire was the second battlegorund. Being a loser, International Na`Vi chose the map for the second game, so they began playing actively. The Born to Win were leading in the first half of the game, fully controlling the battleground and constantly strengthening their advantage. However, a couple of fights, unsuccessful for International Na`Vi, reduced the gap between the team, and provided an advantage to Russian Federation Virtus.Pro. Nevertheless, International Na`Vi continued pressing the rival and managed to enter the enemy base successfully. Unfortunately, they didn't manage to organize the decisive battle at the base. As a result Russian Federation Virtus.Pro pushed Nexus and achieved victory. International Na`Vi dropped to lower brackets to oppose France mYm.




International Na`Vi [2:0] France mYm, the first round of lower brackets

Unfortunately, the match wasn't streamed, so there's no record of it. Speaking of it, we can point out the domination of International Na`Vi over the rival. The beginning of the game in Dragon Shire was rather calm, the team conducting a positioning fight against each other. Though, fights ended in equal exchanges of kills, the Born to Win were slowly gaining advantage over the rival. The freeing of the Dragon Knight was a turning point in the game, as the knight enabled International Na`Vi to begin destruction of enemy forts. As a result, International Natus Vincere won.


In the Tomb of the Spider Queen the game went faster. At the second minute International Na`Vi shed first blood and gained a slight advantage. They were the first to summon Webweavers and to destroy the first fort. Apart from push, the Born to Win destroyed the whole team, which made the advantage of our team enormous. During the whole game, International Na`Vi lost no fort or hero, while the difference in experience was more than 3 levels. As a result the French team was the first to leave the tournament, while International Na`Vi went on to the next round.


International Na`Vi [2:1] Poland Gamers2, the second round of lower brackets

The Polish team wasn't the most dangerous rival at the tournament, especially for International Na`Vi, which had previously defeated  Poland Gamers2 at DreamHack All-Stars 2015 2:0. However, this time our rival prepared much better. On the first battle ground - Cursed Hollow - Poland Gamers2 decided to attack at the very first minutes of the match. International Na`Vi decided to answer accordingly. As a result, the battleground turned into a "blood hollow". The Born to Win turned out to be more powerful and gained advantage. The Poles never managed to reduce the gap. They were defeated on the 25th minute.


Poland Gamers2 chose Dragon shire as the second battlegorund. Notwithstanding a very standard pick, International Na`Vi managed to gain initiative on the first minutes of the game. However, a couple of lost fights and unsuccessful movements of our team granted the domination over the map to the Poles.  Poland Gamers2 began attacking. Though our team managed to stop two attacks, they couldn't defend on the third time. Dragon Knight helped Poland Gamers2  to destroy Nexus and defeat the rival.


Tomb of the Spider Queen was a decisive map of the match. The teams were rather equal in power in the beginning of the match. However, International Na`Vi managed to gain advantage by summoning the Webweavers and imposing a fight to the rival. The Poles were to chose between the loss of the heroes and the loss of the buildings. As a result they lost both. Afterwards, the pace of the game slowed down. in four minutes International Na`Vi summoned the Webweavers again and began pushing aggressively. The Polish Nexus was destroyed. 





International Na`Vi [2:0] International Fnatic, third round of the lower brackets

The victory in this match was essential for International Na`Vi, since former player and former coach of our team are now the members of International Fnatic. Tomb of the Spider Queen was the first map. The beginning was rather passive. Nothing worth mentioning had been happening until the sixth minute, when the teams began a fierce battle afterwards. After a successful fight, International Na`Vi continued developing the attack and preparing to the offense, which they made on the 16th minute. International Na`Vi defeated boss, entered the base of the rival and won. 


Haunted mines was the second battleground. The game was incredible from the first minutes: both team, conducting positional game, were preparing to the opening of the mines. As soon as the mines opened, the teams encountered  each other face to face. International Na`Vi succeeded in a fight and later prepared push, which destroyed a half of the enemy's base. We witnessed another successful fight by our team on the eighth minute. In cooperation with Golem, unleashed once again, they smashed the base and won.




International Na`Vi [2:0] Russian Federation Virtus.Pro, lower brackets final

In the lower brackets final International Na`Vi encountered Russian Federation Virtus.Pro once again. However, we didn't manage to see a severe confrontation. Russian Federation VP almost didn't oppose and gave up. In the Tomb of the Spider Queen International Na`Vi began playing very aggressively. Defeated boss and gained advantage in experience. Russian Federation Virtus.Pro tried to defend and attack, though the attack was unsuccessful and very weak. As soon as the Born to Win gained their chance to attack, they did it, which resulted in the prompt destruction  of enemy's forts, and eventually Nexus. 


The game was similar in the "Cursed Hollow". International Na`Vi began very aggressively. They quickly collected the first tribute and began attacking. Soon the middle and upper line forts of Russian Federation Virtus.Pro fell. Russian Federation VP were defending their base for another 5 minutes only to be defeated. 




International Na`Vi [2:1], [2:0] Germany Team Roccat, Grand Final 

Grand final was conducted in bo3 format, Germany Roccat having an advantage in one series. 


The favorite map of our rivals Battlefield of Eternity was the first. Our rivals had shown exceptional game on this map many times, and this match was no exception. Germany Roccat soon shed the first blood and defeated the Immortal. Afterwards, the game went calmly until the second Immortal forced both team to enter the battle, which ended with defeat of International Na`Vi. As a result Germany Roccat attacked our Nexus with the Second Immortal and won the game.


In the Tomb of the Spider Queen International Na`Vi returned to aggressive style of game. They tried to impose fight from the first minutes, whereas Germany Roccat tried to avoid it and gain 16th level asap instead. Well the German plans failed — International Na`Vi finally imposed a fight and defeated the rival and won the game. The similar situation was in the Haunted mine — International Na`Vi shed first blood, began pressing early and soon gained advantage in 3 levels. Germany Roccat  couldn't reduce the gap and soon won.


The second series in the Tomb of the Spider Queen was very similar to the previous one. International Na`Vi pushed the Germany Roccat, which was again trying to achieve 16th level and avoid the battle. The Born to Win again defeated the rival before it gained power.


The Battlefield of Eternity chosen by the Germans as a loser part was their last hope. Unlike the previous game on this map, International Na`Vi gained advantage quite fast. In the fight for the first Immortal, Germany Roccat struggled as much as they could, but never succeeded and were forced to retreat. Meanwhile International Na`Vi focused on the enemy's Immortal. Eventually International Na`Vi entered enemy's base and won the game.







 This was an uneasy and grandiose walk to the victory on the Road to Blizzcon, made by International Natus Vincere. Though the tournament began with defeat, and the rivals were the best European teams, our players managed to reach the final and take first place! Go, Na`Vi!

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