Choose good design - win good prize!

What you need to do to join the competition is just go to, login to your facebook-account, and choose the prefered mouse design. The voting will be divided into three stages: quater finals, semi finals and the final. Each stage has three random winners that will receive his/her set of SteelSeries production. What's more, all participants of the final stage will get a chance to win a Shuttle® personal desktop!


Good luck to all participants! Join the competition together with SteelSeries!

AuthorXeozor Date15 April 2011, 13:46 Views1261 Comments3
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User Deleted
#1 17 April 2011, 18:12
Самая верхняя Мышка Самая нормальная!! Цвет самый Нормальный!!
User Deleted
#2 5 August 2011, 15:44
I have design , and how can i send it to you?
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