Blizzard to release Warcraft IV?


At recent gamescom, StarCraft II producer Tim Morten has announced that his development team could start working on StarCraft III or WarCraft 4 after the release of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. As for now, developers don’t have any concrete plans and are not sure which direction it would be better to choose. Anyway, Tim reassured that the sequels for the well-known strategy games will certainly be considered. It is notable that his team will have to come up with some new interesting plot ideas, as the evil in the last “StarCraft” will be successfully conquered. 


The WarCraft situation looks even more interesting. World of Warcraft, the sequel of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, has seen the death of the majority of its key characters — Illidan, Kael`thas, Artas and a few more, — and it is impossible to reject this storyline while working on a new game. The issues of innovations and in-game balance are also very important. The players, for sure, need a new race as well as the units for the old races, and their creation will take a lot of time. The work style of Blizzard, which has developed StarCraft for almost 12 years, also hinders Warcraft from its release.


Nevertheless, the hopes for the development of the fourth game about the humans vs orcs war didn’t appear out of nowhere. Blizzard’s interest in the development of the Warcraft universe has been clearly visible throughout the last few years, with consistent updates and movie which has to be cinema released on June 10, 2016 proving it out. Perhaps, these are the hints at the upcoming development of WarCraft 4. Only time will tell.

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