Na`Vi in the US: following Columbus

In gamers community the US is strongly associated with eSports. The developers of the world's most popular eSports titles - Valve, Blizzard, Riot - are based here. The pioneer of professional video game competitions - Cyberathlete Professional League - was established here in 1997. Furthermore, many global championships, including the tournament with the largest prize pool, The International, are conducted in America. Na`Vi squads have visited these tournaments many time since the foundation of the club. Let's recall their trips to the New World, following the route of Christopher Columbus.
Ukraine Na`Vi's first trip to the US was in 2010 for Arbalet Cup, held in Dallas. The tournament was one of ESEA's first steps in eSports. Fortunately, no visa issues ocсurred then, so the best teams of Europe of the time, including DenmarkmTw, SwedenH2k and Germanymousesports, participated in the event and fought over a large prize pool of $ 68 000. The rivals were very powerful: of 7 play off maps, 3 had overtimes and one was even lost 1:16. However, it didn't influence the spirit of the team. UkraineNa`Vi once again proved they were the leaders of the CS scene of the time.
WCG at Los Angeles, 30 September - 3 October 2011
In a couple of months our team obtained one more chance to prove they were the leaders! Our players went to Los Angeles for World Cyber Games 2010. The short group stage followed by  single elimination play-off messed the games of many teams (SwedenSK Gaming and InternationalMeet your Makers couldn't get even to the quarter final). However, UkraineNa`Vi didn't face any problems. The Ukrainian five defeated one team after another. After the victory over the legendary Polish team PolandFrag eXecutors in the semifinal, the analysts began doubting the perspectives of PolandmTw to win the final. The final went down in history of eSports. Two best teams of that time fought up to the overtimes of the third map, when the Danes couldn't cope with the tension, while the Ukrainian players remained calm and focused. As a result our players won a champion's title.
Due to the efforts of Dota and CS:GO squads, UkraineNa`Vi brand acquired recognition in the US. Therefore, Russian FederationNa`Vi.WoT squad went there in September 2013 to participate in NVIDIA GeForce eSports $100K Open and to repeat the success of the other two squads. The goal of the event's organizers was to put to battle the tankers of all the world's regions. At the time, ru-cluster was the most powerful, so Russian FederationNatus Vincere easily defeated "exotic" teams like United StatesFulcrum Gaming or Korea, Republic ofNOA. The final was an expected battle of the representatives of ru and eu clusters. The Poles of Polandmousesports bring a bit trouble to the team, but the Born to Win were more experienced and eventually defeated the mice, winning $20 000!
As concerns, Dota 2 scene, the US has many outstanding tournaments like atmospheric The Summit or joinDota league. In the past Major League Gaming was the leader in the region. The finals of 2013 in Columbus were very remarkable. The exhausting group stage of 9 teams brought many surprises, leaving behind InternationalFnatic, SwedenAlliance and United StatesEvil Geniuses, and introducing United and to the public. UkraineNa`Vi had troubles too in the group stage too. Their destiny was decided in the last match against Fnatic. However, UkraineXBOCT's Gyrocopter and Enchantress by EstoniaPuppey leaved no chances to the European team.
In the semifinals the team was stopped by the technical performance of ChinaTeamDK. Having lost the first map, the Born to Win managed to play one of the best matches of Dota history (2 rapiers of UkraineXBOCT and the madness in highground will be long remembered). Unfortunately they didn't manage to win the decisive map. ChinaDK went to the final only to be defeated by the future InternationalCloud9. UkraineNatus Vincere came back home with bronze.
The history of the matches played by our squads is very rich. It has grand victories and tremendous losses. However, we'll always support our favorite team! Go UkraineNa`Vi!
Author: Eugene "Brainandsoul360" Smagin


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