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What would the community of Dota (2) be without us? Without the pioneers and personalities, who were on the forefront of the development of this game? This question may be rhetorical, or it may be very simple - this community could have not existed without these people, without these events… Moritz ‘Moose’ Zimermmann, together with our partners Tesoro, has filmed a movie called “Dota. We, The Community”! For us, this movie is on the same level as the famous "Free to Play". We hope that you enjoy it just as much!

Enjoy the movie!


Additional information about the film:


  • Planning started May 2014
  • 16 people were interviewed, answers from only 8 made it into the film. Each interview was about 1 hour long
  • 3 months were spent just selecting the individual clips from over 500 hours of video footage
  • Video footage selected from over 8 years of Dota (2008 - 2015)
  • 5 days went into concepting and creating just the 45 second intro
  • 5 songs selected of over 300 songs listened into, all from Johannes Bornlöf just by sheer luck
  • 4 days of writing the script for narration
  • 50 different narrators were considered, until James Scott was chosen from
  • 26 days of pure editing without taking a break
  • 100% pride and joy to be able to make a film as a tribute to Dota and its community went into the film throughout the whole process!
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