Main CS:GO news of the week #2


It’s time for our weekly news digest, where we discuss the most important and exciting news that have been shaking CS:GO community over the past weeks. Last seven days were rich in interesting events, so there are lots of things to talk about. Let’s jump right in! are the CEVO champions


CEVO Professional Season 8  final stage has determined the team that took a $ 40 000 prize from Columbus. The championship was conducted in very well-balanced match system: double elimination best-of-three in groups, single elimination best-of-three in playoffs and best-of-5 grand-final. 8 teams took part in the competition, two of which are included in a top-5 list: UkraineNatus Vincere and Most people believed in the possibility of having the grand-final between these two teams, but unfortunately for our guys, something went wrong right from the beginning. Having arrived after the successful DreamHack Cluj-Napoca performance, the guys couldn't compose themselves and failed to stop the momentum of  Germanymousesports, who played in their peak shape. The second obstacle on the way of the Born to Win was a French team FranceTitan


The Poles have convincingly won the tournament


The Polish team has lost only once over the course of the entire tournament. It was the clash against Denmarkdignitas. Their confident playoff run led them right into the grand final to face GermanyMousesports , and gifted a beautiful 3:0 victory. All in all, this tournament wasn't extremely exciting to watch, since most matches were quite one-sided.


Nevertheless, the American mix CanadaConquest proved that they are ready to compete on professional level. The guys were the hard nuts to crack in all matches, except for their last one, where they were crushed by above mentioned GermanyMousesports.


Prize pool 


top 1 place — - $ 40 000 and invitation to Season 9 finals

top 2 place  — GermanyMousesports -  $ 25 000 and invitation to Season 9 finals

top 3top 4 place  — $ 10 000 each - FranceTitan, CanadaConquest

top 5top 6 place  — $ 5 000 each - BrazilLuminosity, DenmarkDignitas

top 7 top 8 place  — $ 2 500 each - Ukraine Natus VincereUnited StatesLiquid

CS:GO update release with new in-game sounds


The latest update featured quite radical changes in sound system of the game, which strongly affects the playing process on both casual and professional levels. The developers are constantly working to make the game more realistic. There were a few changes  in the movement of player models, including the animation of weapon switch. This time, sounds of movement and jump lands on different surfaces were fixed.


Apart from that, it featured modified animation of AWP reload, CPU performance optimization as well as a few fixes concerning Steam controller. The changes of sound system were long awaited, especially by the users who don’t own expensive headphones. Now the determining of rival’s location is a lot easier.


Full list of changes



  • Increased fidelity and weight of jump land sound.
  • Landing sounds now play an additional sound depending on the surface.
  • 3rd person footsteps are now slightly louder in relation to weapon sounds for increased positional clarity. (Further volume compression may be possible by enabling “sound normalization,” “volume equalization,” or a similar setting in your audio playback device properties)
  • New surface footstep sounds to reduce repetition and phasing as well as increasing listenability and positional clarity.
    • Concrete
    • Wood
    • Rubber
    • Snow
    • Glass
    • Grass
    • Mud
    • Dirt
    • Solid Metal
    • Metal Grate
    • Metal Chainlink
  • Fixed a bug where give_ammo sound was playing for every shotgun shell insertion animation.
  • Minor volume mix adjustments


  • Awp now always un-zooms during reload animation
  • Misc player animation CPU performance optimizations
  • Overview icons can now be scaled with the convar mapoverview_icon_scale


  • Game now requires Steam Client to be updated as of Oct 14 2015 or later.
  • Added native support for the Steam Controller


  • Added concommand sv_setsteamaccount to specify Game Server Login Token. 

Changes, which haven't been notified

  • Added Cluj-Napoca 2015 medals
  • Added the second level of the service medal


DreamHack MTG offer


After the takeover of the majority stake (74 %) in ESLModern Time Group has announced the acquisition of DreamHack, one of the "veterans" in large-scale festivals organizing as well as conducting competitions in different video games.


MTG has acquired 100% of DreamHack  for SEK 244 million (around $ 28,14 million). The business will still be managed by the same personalities. The company received SEK 69 million (around $  7,95  million) from the sales in 2014 and was overall very profitable throughout the last year. The digital sales numbers are expected to double in 2015.


Apart from all above-mentioned, MTG has recently invested in Europe's largest multi-channel network Zoomin as well as another network, Splay, in Scandinavia. continues its expansion to eSports



Right before the kickoff of IEM San Jose, one of the hugest eSports organizations ESL announced that they signed a partnership contract with Amazon.comone of the biggest online shopping services. So far, a $ 25 000 investment into the prize pool of the upcoming tournament has been revealed, yet it is still unknown, how the money will be spread between CS:GO and League of Legends competitions.


IEM San Jose: Amazon in business!


Another interesting fact is that now each and everyone has a chance to make their contribution to the prize pool increase. New partner website of ESL now includes lots of goods, the money from the sales of which will go directly to the money box of IEM San Jose prizewinners. It is peculiar that this fundraising method has never been used before!


By the way, almost a year ago, this website took over the largest broadcasting platform, the partner of our organization.


IEM Katowice 2016: an attempt to break a prize money record in competitive CS:GO


But the partnership with Amazon is not the stopping point for ESL. It was revealed that there will be another source for the increase of upcoming IEM Katowice 2016 prize pool.


PolandMichal «Carmac» Blicharz stated that the prize pool of the next tournament in Katowice will exceed $ 450 000. There will be a settled sum of money for CS:GO major-tournaments, however, like in Dota 2, the community will have a chance to enlarge it. Blicharz haven’t given any more detailed information, but it is certain that the upcoming competition has all chances to become one of the richest in the history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 


The statement of Carmac can go down in history


NiP CEO departure following scandalous rumors


SwedenNinjas in Pyjamas CEO Per Lilliefelth haven't managed to cope with the tension he undergone after the scandalous  article byUnited Kingdom Richard Lewis. In his report, English journalist accused the management of the Swedish organization of prize money and salary payment delays to their CS:GO roster. Roughly speaking, the article says that there was a disinformation of players about the money on organization’s bank account, and all statements are taken from anonymous sources.


How the change of management will influence the team? (Per Lilliefelth in the photo)


Therefore, a few days ago SwedenNiP announced Lilliefelth’s departure from CEO position, even despite earlier statements that everything in the article was not true. Besides, they advised the author of the article to do better research before spreading such rumors.


Nevertheless, the departure of one of the main figures in organization left more questions than answers. At present, the company is ruled by Patric Jönsson (Xtrfy CEO, one of the main NiP sponsors), who must be replaced by Hicham Chahine in 2016, CEO of Diglife. We also know that the task of new management is to help  Swedenf0rest and company reach their highest level and keep their roster unchanged before the players’ contracts run out.


*   *   *


That is all we can recall from the last seven days in competitive CS:GO. We hope that the next week will also feature interesting events, and Natus Vincere will be the part of them! Stay tuned!


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