CS:GO news weekly #3


It’s time for our weekly news digest, where we discuss the most important and exciting news that have been shaking CS:GO community over the past weeks. Last seven days were rich in interesting events, so there are lots of things to talk about. Let’s jump right in!


Natus Vincere will attend ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 LAN-finals

A few days ago, our players delighted their fans with an upscale Counter Strike on the final match day of ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2. The guys have been battling against eleven best teams of European division for the last few months, and only four of them could have won a chance to participate in the LAN-finals. The final results were difficult to anticipate up till the last group stage matches, so the season turned out to be very intense indeed.


From 10–13 December our guys will compete for their share of 250 000$!


The first rosters to secure a desired spot at the tournament in United StatesBurbank (USA, Los-Angeles) were DenmarkTeam SoloMid and Swedenfnatic, who managed to leave their opponents far behind somewhere in the middle of the online stage. The names of the third and the fourth participants remained unknown till the last day.


The front-runners of the competition for the last two slots were UkraineNatus VincereFranceEnVyUsFranceTitan and DenmarkDignitas. Initially, the team of France Vincent «Happy» Cervoni felt the most comfortable in this quartet, but later on they were receded into the background because of the successful run of our players. Both French teams have lost their points in final matches, helping UkraineNatus Vincere members not only to gain needed confidence to win their decider games, but also strongly secure third place in the final ranking. Despite trying very hard, the Danish roster couldn’t outplay the French team, and the fourth ticket was given to FranceEnVyUs.


STARLADDER: Minsk is one step closer


The Born to Win have successfully passed the first group stage of SL i-League StarSeries XIV. After the seeding for the second group stage, we ended up in group B and are to encounter such strong opponents as France EnVyUsFranceTitan and BulgariaE-frag


SLTV StarSeries XIV second group stage

# Team G W L R S
1. Ukraine NATUS VINCERE 0 0 0 0 0
2. France TEAM ENVYUS 0 0 0 0 0
3. France TITAN 0 0 0 0 0
4. Bulgaria E-FRAG  0 0 0 0 0
# Team G W L R S
1. Sweden FNATIC 0 0 0 0 0
2. Denmark DIGNITAS 0 0 0 0 0
3. Denmark TEAM SOLOMID 0 0 0 0 0
4. International G2 0 0 0 0 0


As you can see, all groups turned out to be quite intense. Our players will have to encounter the top duo from France, as well as the team that is capable of surprising each and every team in the world. Every participant has quite solid chances to get to the next stage: two top teams of each group will set off for LAN-finals, while the rest four will compete against each other at mini Last Chance tournament.  


Na'Vi continue competing for SLTV LAN-finals


The playoffs will feature five European, two American rosters, and eighth team from China. The tournament is scheduled to be held in Minsk (Belarus) on 13–17 January. All action will fold up at the Minsk Arena (on the photo above) that can seat up to 18 000 viewers.


Surprising changes in top rosters




The last week has brought us a number of sensational transfers within the best European rosters. It all began with a surprising announcement about the departure of Markus «pronax» Wallsten from Swedenfnatic. Former IGL was replaced by another Swedish talent SwedenDennis «dennis» Еdman, who successfully performed for InternationalG2 before. The player gained his world popularity long before the release of CS:GO, as he was the member of legendary Counter-Strike 1.6 roster SwedenSK-gaming.


Swedenfnatic’s roster has remained unchanged for a long time, since June of 2014 when it was strengthened by such stars as SwedenOlof «olofm» Kajbjer and SwedenFreddy «KRiMZ» Johansson. It is interesting that Swedendennis have already played together with above mentioned guys before, for SwedenLGB.



dennis is one of the most experienced players


The position of team’s IGL was entrusted to SwedenRobin «flusha» Rönnquist who is extremely experienced in terms of both team coordination and tactical preparation. Only time will tell if the team will become more powerful in the future. Right now the guys are passing the stage of rebuilding their team, and are still performing excellently online.




After Edman’s departure to Swedenfnatic one of the best teams of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca, InternationalG2 roster, had to find a new player. The place, however, remained vacant not for long and the squad was completed by a key DenmarkDignitas  player Philip «aizy» Aistrup. The Danish team has been showing quite unstable results lately, and their failure at CEVO Professional League LAN-finals only worsened an unfolding situation. Despite relatively weak performance of the team, Denmarkaizy managed to show amazing shooting skills in almost all their games.


Can aizy’s aim help the team at IEM San Jose?


This way, InternationalG2 was joined by another great aimer. But still, the team has lost in terms of strategy, since Swedendennis was one of their main tacticians, whose decisions often led to their success. But of course it is premature to rule these guys out. We’ll have a chance to watch their performance at  IEM San Jose in a few days.


Braxton «swag» Pierce temporal comeback


One of the most talented North American players, Braxton "swag" Pierce participated in RGN Pro Series Championship as a part of  United States Cloud9 roster. Around a year ago, he and the entire United States iBUYPOWER squad ended up in the middle of betting scandal. The strongest players of the continent bet against themselves, losing to objectively weaker rivals. It is peculiar that in some cases the players weren’t even trying to hide their real intentions and demonstratively played badly. Also, the screenshots with their conversations about planned “throws” were leaked.


This behavior couldn’t be ignored by tournament organizers, staff (casters, in the first place) and Valve workers, so the entire iBUYPOWER team, including some managers, was permanently banned from participating in championships. United StatesSkadoodle who didn’t take part in those things and earned nothing for their losses has been the only exception. Braxton, in his turn, worked as a United States Cloud9 analyst for quite some time after that. At RGN  he was invited to play as  United States seang@res’ stand-in, since the latter took a break from gaming due to his upcoming wedding.


The victory is not so sweet when you are not allowed to play at the serious tournaments (swag is standing behind n0thing)


Nevertheless, restrictions applied to the young talent allowed him not only to take part in the local championship but even help his team to win it. Moreover, Braxton was one of the best players of RGN Pro Series. Who knows, there were no cases of the professional players being forgiven after such betting scandals before. Maybe, United Statesswag will be the first one to be given amnesty.


IEM San Jose without EnVyUs


The best team of the world according to hltv.org rankings had to back out of the San-Jose tournament, due to the tragic events in Paris.


IEM San Jose will be played without its main favorites to win


American United StatesCLG roster was immediately given an invitation to the tournament, and will encounter renewed  InternationalG2  in elimination match. 


*   *   *


That is all we can recall from the last seven days in competitive CS:GO. We hope that the next week will also feature interesting events, and Natus Vincere  Natus Vincere will be the part of them! Stay tuned!!


Source: hltv.org 


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