WePlay Hearthstone League: Coverage


The days have passed fast since the official announcement of WePlay Hearthstone League. The first matches of the tournament begin today. Eight invited players will fight at the debut season for the prize pool of $ 5 000. First, the four best players will be decided in the group stage. Next, the luckiest and the most skillful ones will combat in the play-off.


Germany Sebastian "Na`Vi.Xixo" Bentert is among the invited players. His first match will be held on 18 November. Sebastian will encounter the player of United States Tempo Storm — United States JustSaiyan. If he wins, our player will get to the upper brackets of the tournament. Let's hope Germany Xixo will do great!

The matches of WePlay Hearthstone League will be cast by Denmark InderenUnited States Firebat and Ukraine Bafik. Watch the games and support our players.


Prize pool:

$ 5 000



Group stage (16 November — 4 December):

  • One group of 8 players;
  • Each player will play 1 bo5 match against each player;
  • All matches are held in Last Hero Standing format;
  • Four best players will get to the playoff.


Playoff (9 December):

  • Single-elimination brackets;
  • Best of 5 matches.


Last Hero Standing format:

  • Players announce 4 decks before the match;
  • Before the match each player has right to ban one deck of the opponent;
  • After each game, the loser must change the deck;
  • Therefore, a player must defeat 3 decks of the rival.


match schedule
Time (CET) Match Match page
OVER Germany Na`Vi.Xixo [3:1] United States TS.JustSaiyan Watch
OVER China TS.Eloise [1:3] Germany MrYagut  
OVER United States TS.JustSaiyan [0:3] China TS.Eloise  


Tournament table
# Player Matches Games
1. United States TS.JustSaiyan 1–2 4–6
2. Germany Na`Vi.Xixo 1–0 3–1
3.  TS.Kaldi 0–0 0–0
4. China TS.Eloise 1–1 4–3
5. Germany coL.SuperJJ 0–0 0–0
6. United States coL.Ryzen 0–0 0–0
7. United States Archon.Zalae 0–0 0–0
8. Germany MrYagut 1–1 3–4





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