WGL 2014/2015: Season's Summary


In the end of April Warsaw hosted The Grand Finals of Wargaming.net League - World of Tanks global championship. Twelve best tank teams of the world fought against each other in Polish capital. Natus Vincere was among them as the main leader of the tournament. We tried to prepare an exhaustive analysis to summarize the Grand Final and the season on the whole. Enjoy the reading!


New competitive format!

Team battle. New format!
League reload. Special edition. Esport №37


The most important thing, which is worth mentioning in the first hand, is a new format of the competition. It had received numerous positive feedbacks before, but it showed its full potential only at the Grand Final. Fast and dynamic battles, which lasted about 2 minutes, were most exciting and tense, unlike those of the old 7/42 format. Both the viewers and the players were kept on their toes all the time. Believe it or not, but the format "attack/defense" changed the balance of power in tank eSports. Previously, same set of teams used to survive till the grand finals practically in every tournament. As of now, any team can win the tournament. Even the Chinese have good chances to get to the top.


Tank teams would rarely take any dynamic actions during the games under the old format. They mostly played carefully and didn't move their vehicles unless necessary. Things have changed now: one team has to attack and the other one has to defend. However, the defender team can also undertake offensive actions and surprise the rival in a very unpleasant way. The current format forces the tankers to move a lot. There's almost no opportunity for standing still for a long time. Such format is worth A mark!


Any team can win!

Who could've imagined that the Chinese team ELong would get to the final and become the vice-champion of the world? After the first day of the finals and the loss to the Born to Win, the representatives of Celestial Empire didn't look like any serious rival to the teams from Europe and CIS region. It seemed like China was still fall behind in the art of fighting on virtual tanks. However, the second day of tournament proved we were wrong. The Chinese not only managed to overcome a perspective young team Santa Claus & Six Deers, but they also sent a European team Kazna Kru to fight over the third place. Perhaps the Chinese weren't expecting such progress either...



Natus Vincere performance

Na`Vi  was the main leader of the season before the Grand Finals in Warsaw. Most people predicted that the team will get the champion's title. If you recall the competitions of the last 12 month, our team gained 3 sets of golden medals and one silver medal, which was received at the last finals of the 7/42 format. Before analyzing the team's performance, we'd like to tell you about the presentation of Natus Vincere at the opening ceremony. All the contestants were standing on the main scene waiting for the reigning champions to come. In a couple of minutes Na`Vi players came with a Monolit driven by a helicopter. It looked extremely epic! There was nothing alike in the eSports before. Wargaming did manage to surprise us!



As concerns the performance, the final place the team took can't be claimed as a positive result. However it was no failure either. Natus Vincere had to play with a stand-in player in Warsaw. Ukrainian player Andrew "Rhino" Les' couldn't go to Poland. Notwithstanding the team was defeated by its main rival HellRaisers, our tankers managed to show a very good performance, having defeated 2 chinese teams in the group with a total score of 10:0. Playing against Virtus.pro (the team that took second place in the previous season) in quarterfinal was much harder.KycoK_Ov4arku and his players trained much with Na`Vi on the eve of the tournament, that's why they brought much trouble to our team during the match (5:3).



As concerns the battle with HellRaisers in which we lost, one can try figuring out the reasons for a long time. We'd say that the main reason was the choice of the map - Prokhorovka. Hell Raisers ruled at that map. And the skirmishes in the center went completely wrong for our players. Each tank destroyed decreased our chances for victory.


Grand Final Atmosphere

A couple of words about Wargaming.net League The Grand Finals atmosphere are worth mentioning. Everything was excellent, except for the results of Na`Vi vs HellRaisers match! Here are the features:




The event was held in a huge exhibition center, that was full of viewers. However, even such large premises didn't manage to house all the people who wished to watch the game of the strongest e-tankers of the world. Many people crowded in the street nearby the venue practically all the time. This proves that tank esport is popular outside the CIS region.



Main scene and competition zone


The organizers managed to surpass all the expectations of the fans and the players! The main scene looked fantastic: each tank team had its own section on the scene, providing a great view of all the players. Meanwhile the section provided comfortable environment for playing. Behind the main scene a special competition zone was arranged. Zone was divided into 12 sections for each participating team.



Competition rules

The rules received much criticism. Single Elimination in play off is rarely used in the grand esport tournaments, since the loser team can show its potential in the low brackets within the Double Elimination system. The latter is mostly used by the organizers to provide more fair results in determining the strongest teams. We could say that under the Double Elimination system the final set of the winner teams would've been different. However, on the other hand, the team mustn't make mistakes at the world's championship. It is unacceptable! As a result we have a champion, who made the least mistakes, and the vice-champions, who was the luckiest one.



Summing up, WoT is growing as an esports discipline. Naturally, there are a couple of flaws, which should be worked on and eliminated. However, it is obvious that Wargaming is constantly improving the competition aspect of the game, constantly introducing new features. The game has undergone a substantial development from "tank chess" into "tank wars" over the past years. Now it features hot battles, dynamic encounters and artistic individual performance of the players. The competitions have become more entertaining and exciting. The game we play and love is growing bigger and becoming better!


Grand final. World's champions
Grand final Wargaming.net League Warsaw 2015. StarLadder.tv video blog


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