WGL 2015 Season I Coverage


The first season of Wargaming.net League Gold Series 2015–2016 RU-cluster started on 13 June. It will last till 20 September. Twelve most powerful teams, including the champions of previous season - Russian Federation Natus Vincere, are fighting over the title of the strongest tank team.

Wargaming.net League is constantly improving. The organizers add new features on a permanent basis and introduce changes into the regulations. The current season has a couple of introductions too. The seasons will become longer. There will be three of them between the finals instead of two. The season will contain 2 rounds of group stage and play off. There will be more competitive tanks!
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Natus Vincere matches

Date Time (CEST) Teams Match page
14 June 2015 OVER Russian Federation Na`Vi [5:0] Russian Federation GRA Record
20 June 2015 OVER Russian Federation Na`Vi [5:2] CIS NSS Record
28 June 2015 OVER Russian Federation Na`Vi [5:1] CIS WePlay Record
05 July 2015 OVER Russian Federation Na`Vi [3:5] Russian Federation Kung-Fu.PB Record
11 July 2015 OVER Russian Federation Na`Vi [5:2] CIS PlayBetter Record
19 July 2015 OVER Russian Federation Na`Vi [5:4] Russian Federation Tornado Record
25 July 2015 OVER Russian Federation Na`Vi [5:1] CIS 7Plays.PB Record
06 August 2015 OVER Russian Federation Na`Vi [5:1] CIS ROX Record
08 August 2015 OVER Russian Federation Na`Vi [5:3] Russian Federation LOL Record
15 August 2015 OVER Russian Federation Na`Vi [5:0] Russian Federation Arcade Record
23 August 2015 OVER Russian Federation Na`Vi [5:1] CIS HR Record
06 September 2015 OVER Russian Federation Na`Vi [7:0] Russian Federation Arcade Record



First round
Second round
7Russian Federation Natus Vincere
WinRussian Federation Natus Vincere
4Russian Federation Kung-Fu.PB
0Russian Federation Arcade
7Russian Federation Arcade
7Russian Federation LOL


Tournament table

Team G V D L +/- S

Natus Vincere

11 10 0 1 33 29


11 8 0 3 10 23


11 6 0 5 1 18
Not So Serious Team 11 7 0 4 14 21
PlayBetter 11 2 0 8 -18 7
Tornado 11 5 0 6 -8 14
GRA 11 3 0 7 -19 9


11 4 0 7 -9 12


11 6 0 5 2 18


11 5 0 6 1 15

LOL Team

11 5 0 6 -2 16


11 5 0 6 -5 16


Match results

First tour (13.06–14.06)

CIS WePlay VS Russian Federation LOL


Russian Federation Kung-Fu.PB VS CIS PlayBetter


Russian Federation Tornado VS CIS NSS


Russian Federation Arcade VS CIS 7Plays.PB

Russian Federation Na`Vi VS Russian Federation GRA [5:0]


Second tour (20.06–21.06)
Russian Federation Kung-Fu.PB VS CIS 7Plays.PB [5:2]
Russian Federation GRA VS Russian Federation Tornado [1:5]
Russian Federation Na`Vi VS CIS NSS [5:2]
Russian Federation LOL VS CIS ROX [5:4]
Russian Federation Arcade VS CIS WePlay [5:1]
CIS HR VS CIS PlayBetter [5:4]
Third tour (27.06–28.06)
Russian Federation Kung-Fu.PB VS CIS ROX [5:2]
Russian Federation Tornado VS Russian Federation LOL [2:5]
CIS 7Plays.PB VS CIS PlayBetter [5:2]
Russian Federation Arcade VS Russian Federation GRA [1:5]
Russian Federation Na`Vi VS CIS WePlay [5:1]
Fourth tour (04.07–05.07)
CIS NSS VS Russian Federation GRA [5:2]
CIS WePlay VS CIS ROX [5:1]
Russian Federation Tornado VS Russian Federation Arcade [1:5]
CIS PlayBetter VS Russian Federation LOL [2:5]
CIS 7Plays.PB VS CIS HR [5:1]
Russian Federation Kung-Fu.PB VS Russian Federation Na`Vi [5:3]
Fifth tour (11.07–12.07)
Russian Federation Na`Vi VS CIS PlayBetter [5:2]
Russian Federation Arcade VS CIS ROX [4:5]
CIS NSS VS CIS 7Plays.PB [5:3]
Russian Federation LOL VS Russian Federation GRA [4:5]
CIS WePlay VS Russian Federation Kung-Fu.PB [5:3]
CIS HR VS Russian Federation Tornado [5:1]
Sixth tour (18.07–19.07)
Russian Federation GRA VS CIS WePlay [1:5]
CIS HR VS Russian Federation Kung-Fu.PB [5:3]
Russian Federation LOL VS CIS 7Plays.PB [4:5]
CIS PlayBetter VS Russian Federation Arcade [5:3]
Russian Federation Na`Vi VS Russian Federation Tornado [5:4]
Seventh tour (25.07–26.07)
CIS PlayBetter VS Russian Federation GRA [5:2]
Russian Federation LOL VS Russian Federation Kung-Fu.PB [5:3]
CIS 7Plays.PB VS Russian Federation Na`Vi [1:5]
CIS ROX VS Russian Federation Tornado [4:5]
CIS NSS VS Russian Federation Arcade [1:5]
CIS WePlay VS CIS HR [2:5]
Eighth tour (04.08–06.08)
Russian Federation GRA VS CIS 7Plays.PB [1:5]
Russian Federation Kung-Fu.PB VS Russian Federation Arcade [3:5]
Russian Federation LOL VS CIS HR [3:5]
CIS NSS VS CIS WePlay [5:0]
CIS ROX VS Russian Federation Na`Vi [1:5]
CIS PlayBetter VS Russian Federation Tornado [2:5]
Nihth tour (08.08–09.08)
Russian Federation GRA VS Russian Federation Kung-Fu.PB [5:1]
CIS 7Plays.PB VS CIS ROX [5:2]
Russian Federation Na`Vi VS Russian Federation LOL [5:3]
Russian Federation Tornado VS CIS WePlay [5:4]
CIS NSS VS CIS PlayBetter [5:2]
Russian Federation Arcade VS CIS HR [1:5]
Tenth tour (15.08–16.08)
CIS WePlay VS CIS 7Plays.PB [5:3]
Russian Federation Na`Vi VS Russian Federation Arcade [5:0]
CIS NSS VS Russian Federation LOL [5:0]
Russian Federation Kung-Fu.PB VS Russian Federation Tornado [5:3]
CIS ROX VS CIS PlayBetter [5:2]
Russian Federation GRA VS CIS HR [4:5]
Eleventh tour (22.08–23.08)
Russian Federation Tornado VS CIS 7Plays.PB [5:3]
CIS ROX VS Russian Federation GRA [5:1]
CIS PlayBetter VS CIS WePlay [3:5]
CIS NSS VS Russian Federation Kung-Fu.PB [3:5]
Russian Federation Arcade VS Russian Federation LOL [5:3]
CIS HR VS Russian Federation Na`Vi [1:5]


Rules and format

  • Match is held in "attack-defence" format. Round's duration is 7 minutes.
  • Attacking party task: destroy all enemy vehicles or capture at least one of the enemy's bases during the set match time.
  • Defending party task: destroy all enemy vehicles or prevent the capture of one of the bases during the set match time.
  • If none of teams destroyed all enemy vehicles and none of the bases of the defending party was captured, the winner of the battle is the team, which participated in match in the capacity of defending party.
  • The games are held in bo8 format (up to 5 victories). If the score is even after 8 battles, a tiebreak is played (defined for each tour in advance).
  • Pick-ban system:
    team В (which lost the tossing) crosses out 1st map;
    team А (which won the tossing) crosses out 2nd map;
    team В (which lost the tossing) crosses out 3nd map;
    team А (which won the tossing) crosses out 4nd map;
    team В chooses the first map of the remaining two and the party (defence/attack);
    team А chooses the party on the remaining map.


map pool for the season
Ghost town Himmelsdorf Lakeville Mines Ruinberg Steppes


Prizes of the online part

top 1 place — the game in the second round of play off against the winner of the match between top 4 – top 5 places for the participation in the LAN final 

top 2 place —  the game in the second round of play off against the winner of the match between top 3 – top 6  places for the participation in the LAN final

top 3 – top 6 places — participation in the play off from the first round for the right to get to the LAN final


Wargaming.net League: main data

Wargaming.net League is an eSports league within the framework of gaming universe Wargaming.net. The league has gathered the best players of World of Tanks from all over the world, having encompassed the regional communities of virtual tankers into united global eSports structure.
The total prize pool is over $ 2 500 000. The league adheres to the traditional eSports format with regional tournaments and deciding battles at the superfinal.

List of participants


The team is World of Tanks reigning champion of the world. The players are young, bold and talented. They do not acknowledge authorities in eSports and push their rivals with their confidence. This is the main rival of Natus Vincere over the past couple of years and one of the main pretenders for the title in the upcoming season.

Squad: LuciqueII (c), DYADOR, kamaek, lolwo, NesKwi, NEAR_YOU, Monti.

Natus Vincere

Na`Vi is the champion of the last WGL RU season. The winners of almost all the WGL tournaments. The team has the most "star" and experienced squad, which hasn't undergone reshuffle even after the unsuccessful performance at the grand final. The only change was in the roles:  Dmitry "LeBwa" Palaschenko become a captain instead of TheAnatolich .

Squad: LeBwa (c), Inspirer, SL1DE, RinoII, Kirilloid, Straik, TheAnatolich.


Team's captain Asis Habibullin aka Angel_Killer acted as a stand-in player of Natus Vincere in the grand final 2015. The team has a stable squad, which has been playing for over 18 months at the highest level. They've been preparing hard at the bootcamp in Moscow. Arcade is a dangerous rival.

Squad: Angel_killer (c), BestX3, JaredJIeto, BOOORGER, KORNEPLOD, IIIyTepc, FalcoH, Oberst_Fuchs, KURUPT, Renader, DERP.


Three teams playing in the previous season GoldSeries were sponsored by WePlay. This season there will be only 2 of them. Santa Claus and Six Deers lost captain straight after the triumph at the previous LAN-final in Minsk. The "deer" performed without their Santa at the Grand Final, which influenced their result: they took 5-8 places. It's interesting, what one of 2015's brightest teams will show this time.

Squad: Snigach (c), Funny_Mushroom, Nikolas, JustCreat1ve, Kolesoid, FlashFireBack. Bullkin, BEOWULF422, CatOfFay.


Before the beginning of the previous season we claimed that RoX.KIS brand hadn't had a truly successful tank squad so far. Unfortunately, the situation remains the same: the team performed below the level of its true abilities and remained in the highest division only due to the Wild Card. The renewed squad and experience should change the negative tendency at last.

Squad: TheDestruction_ (c), LLlapn, ShyTanich, Y6iBalllKa36, AWLGY, MYACHO, AKIR4, TheDestruction_, DEN1BRAVO, _INTR.


The team is the champion of the previous Silver Series season perform under the name of their new sponsor - PlayBetter organization. It doesn't sound frightening enough, right? Think about this: five newcomer teams participated in the previous Gold Series season, four of them getting to top 8, and Santa Claus and 6 Deers taking the second place! That's the reason to think it over.

Squad: Djelus (c), Shamrock_, Excellent, lBlackeagle, SkyTyman, m0LoT, rulez1k, Prize_Flghter, Menees, Sp1atty, ILIOR, DeusUn1im.


Former 4GP faced serious inner problems during the off-season. The player Azton was found in the middle of scandal. The judges solved the conflict: Obi_wan_banan was designated as a new captain, who will lead the "liberated" team to the victories. The team could gain fair shape only by the end of the tournament, and it provided the place in the tank elite.

Squad: Obi_Wan_Banan (c), PABLUSII, DEAGLE619, H8_, THEFEAR_, THEWOLF_, Wo_Ong, __SimpLe__, ALEX_Lisakovich, fast1qq.


Another team sponsored by PlayBetter. 7Plays is a former team of Evil Geniuses, which became a champion of the Silver League one season before and has experience in playing in Gold Series. The team was close to leaving the league in the previous season. However, the priceless experience will enable the players to perform more confident in the current season.

Squad: EVOQ (c), T4FFIK, Trizi_, LutiyPavlo, M1NKE, Latenser, StiQs, eL_Pride.

NSS Team

Notwithstanding the team debuted in the previous season, it performed great and got to top. Having undergone a couple of reshuffles, the team is again ready to surprize their rivals with new interesting tactics and strategies.

Squad: BEIZ_ (c), Levanta_NSS, __Nooky__, _Medeved_, MiLLLKa_Koala, SHOTNIK, Dezgneit, SHADOWZS.


The only team, which got to Gold Series via the hell of Wild Cards. The team managed to defeat the former participant of Gold Series. It was a long-waited return of the prominent tag GRANuregre and his teammates. Experienced team never gets the viewers bored

Squad: Nuregre (c),   _CEH9_, CTAJIuHDeN, EviL_GrannY, iYoung, TheDeLaMuerte, ThePhen0menon, deadbool, DANILSVET2, LAYNEKSII.


The Young Lions changed their name to LOL though kept the squad almost unchanged. This will enable them to continue fighting for the highest places. The team showed great performance the last season and won the slot at the LAN-final, where it took the fourth place. The smiles are ready to at least repeat their previous result.

Squad: Stam71 (c), UPS, NiKeR1, MAXBET, DEDUIIIKA_PAVEL, Pra1seTheSun, NOnickNOskill, FanatCyberSporta.


Another team which supported by PlayBetter organization. The kung-fu fighters got to the top division by taking the second place in the previous Silver Series Season. However it doesn't mean they'll be easily defeated. The newbies can surprize any team.

Squad: _Nice__ (c), Kassall, Skupra_222, Foboll, _lastonogiy_, krapana, 6a6bl4_BeJlukuu  4uneHbKa, t_90m.


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