Wargaming.net League new season!


Recently the first season 2015-2016 of Wargaming.net League was announced on the official website of World of Tanks. Twelve most powerful teams of RU-cluster will encounter to fight over the title of the region's best team.


Wargaming.net League stated that the Grand Final of 2015 was the most successful and the largest tank contest in the game's history. This means that Wargaming is developing in right direction and is ready to advance the competitive World of Tanks.



The first matches of Gold Series of RU-region will begin on 13 June. They will be held on weekends. We'll publish the schedule of the matches as soon as it is provided, so follow our updates!


The first season of 2015–2016 will be held 13 June 20 September and will have two rounds of the group stage. From now on the seasons of Wargaming.net League will be longer: there will be only 2 seasons between the Grand Finals instead of three. More over the quality of online streams will be improved. In this view, the next Gold Series finals will be held in studio format with 2 games and invited guest participating.



The prize pool of Gold Series is 190 000$. Additionally the teams get an opportunity to earn money with their activities in media. The more content the teams' players create and the better are their social media groups, the more money they get.


Apart from that the matches of the European region of Wargaming.net League will be streamed. Serbia Kazna KruUkraine SchoolbusRussian Federation Virtus.pro and other teams get more closer than before! The group stage matches will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The beginning is on 16 June.


Gold Series new structure

Twelve best teams of the League will play 2 bo1 matches against each other in a Round Robin format.



The first place is no more a guarantee to get to the LAN final. Six best teams will get to play off to fight over the 2 quotas in the final part of the tournament.



The teams who took 7th to 10th places will obtain opportunity to play in Wild Cards Challenge for the right to remain in the strongest division. The 2 teams, which took 11th and 12th places will get to the Silver series. 



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