Which heroes will use the Aether Lens?


The Aether Lens is one of the new items introduced in v6.86. It could potentially become a core item on many heroes due to its cost of 2350 gold (not cheap, but not expensive for a luxury item) and two passive effects which are a complete innovation in Dota: a percentage-based bonus to spell damage and a flat bonus to cast range.
  • The cast range bonus affects any item ability and spell, targeted or not. AoE spells like Requiem of Souls Requiem of Souls and auto-cast abilities, any attack modifiers in general, such as Frost Arrows Frost Arrows, are excluded. 
  • It increases the damage of all abilities, even those that don’t benefit from the range bonus, including self-damage abilities like Double Edge Double Edge. The damage bonus is applied to all damage types: magical, physical and pure.
  • Multiple Aether Lenses will stack partially: they will increase the spell damage, but they won’t further increase the cast range.
  • The item affects the cast range but not the travel distance on some spells, so for example your Sacred Arrow won’t have a longer reach. It will influence the travel distance but not the width on cone-shaped spells such as Sonic Wave Sonic Wave.
  • The radius of the spells like Poison Nova Poison Nova won’t be increased. 
Picture by Valve
Different heroes could exploit either the improved range or the damage; a simple example is our beloved Pudge. 1500 range on Meat Hook will create new possible hook spots on the map. It will be even harder for the enemy to stay safe, and many players will need weeks to become accustomed to the new hook’s distance, thus being easy victims for ganks. Beware, Dismember cast range will increase to 360, and you don’t want to activate this ability outside the 250 AoE range of Rot.
On paper it is a great item on Lina and Lion, and the reason isn’t just the range and already extremely high damage of their ultimate. In fact, Aether Lens will benefit all their skills. Lion, in particular, will be able to hex and stun players from a longer distance, improving his survivability chances. On Lina, you can start with a pair of Arcane Boots and, later on, disassemble them to build the Aether Lens. A free Energy Booster will decrease the price needed to buy the remaining items to 1450 gold.
Lion’s damage and range with the Aether Lens - Gif by r/u/eluva
InvokerOgre Magi
Invoker and Ogre Magi are another couple of heroes that should add this new item to their core. Invoker is a spell powerhouse, so even just improving his damage will have a big impact on the game. The Quas-Wex build in particular will benefit the most by increasing the cast range of Cold Snap, the range and travel distance of Tornado and the blast travel radius of Deafening Blast. Meanwhile the Exort Invoker will only improve his Chaos Meteor. 
Ogre Magi abilities
  1. Fireblast - 675 range
  2. Ignite - 900 range
  3. Bloodlust - 800 range
  4. Unrefined Fireblast - 675 range
Ogre Magi has 4 spells that can be affected, including the Unrefined Fireblast brought by the Aghanim’s Scepter. His spells don’t have a large range, so this item will obviously be very helpful. Finally, increasing the damage of a x4 multicast by 8% is also a nice and fun perk.
We would also suggest Jakiro, who would reach a massive range on his spells and increase the DoT damage of his ultimate. Leshrac seems to be a good choice: ideally you could improve the dps of Pulse Nova even further, but we believe that it isn’t worth the slot - there are far better choices for this hero. Last but not least, there is Bane. We can assure you that this item will be bought by any player, if they can afford the cost. Bane isn’t a rich hero, since he has literally no farming abilities and is on support’s duty. For correct positioning, he requires a Blink Dagger and optionally, also Black King Bar to avoid wasting his ultimate, so the Aether Lens would be considered a luxury item for a position 4 Bane. It will affect the damage output and cast range of all his spells and practically will decrease the necessity to have the previously mentioned items. It will be interesting to see if pro players will prefer the old standbys or will give this new item a try, just after Arcane Boots. 
Jakiro’s spells range with Aether Lens
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