It’s time to have a little snowball figh

There’s not much time left before the main winter holidays start, and everyone, including even Dota 2 heroes, is in a festive mood. And a small courier Basim, who left its native lands in search of not only adventures but the holiday spirit itself, which he will be carrying to everyone along with the items from hero to hero is no exception.


This small and cheerful walrus will be the second courier created by Natus Vincere.


You can get better acquainted with the courier right away by watching the video below, which took a lot of our moviemakers’ time to produce, but the end result proved to be more than justifying their efforts.



Although, some may be actually missing Basim’s ability to run around the map and throw snowballs at everyone in game, but, despite this, he can be a great helper to your team in any battle. You can check out his actual in game appearance in the video below:



You like this wonderful courier? Leave your feedback and rating on the corresponding page in the Dota 2 Workshop and remember that its addition totally relies on your votes.

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